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Prices in Varna

Prices in Varna

One of the most popular resorts in BulgariaVarna is considered. This is the best vacation spot on the coast and the second largest town of the country. The town is different infrastructure. There is a railway, airport and other communications. Prices in Varna sharply rise during the high season. In summer, tourists flock here from around the world to relax on the sandy beaches and take a look at local attractions.

Accommodations for tourists

In Varna accommodation can be found at any time of the year foraffordable cost. But the good free rooms and apartments almost never happens. Tourist flow decreases the winter. During this period, you can easily pick up a property at the resort itself. Prices begin to rise from April. If you compare them with prices in the south of Russia, the numbers do not seem impressive.

The cheapest rent a room in a smallapartment in the suburbs. Rent an apartment for 200 euros per month can be in the areas of Mladost, Aksakovo, Vladislav Varnenchik. In the central part of the city prices are higher - rent for an apartment is not less than 400 euros per month. This amount does not include utilities. If you are interested in a hotel room, then in Varna there are so many different options. The resort is located at least 15 3 * hotels. Standard room is 30 euros per day per person. Some hotels offer accommodation in three times more expensive, but also the level of service is higher.

Dining in Varna

Tourists who have a limited budget,carefully plan their spending. Cost of food is very important for them. In Varna there are restaurants and cafes economy class, offering cheap and delicious. Average bill for one person is not more than 10 leva. In a typical cafe with no frills meal costs no more than 8 leva. It offers traditional Bulgarian cuisine restaurant "Odayata", which is famous for its democratic prices. Inexpensive meals are served in the cafe "Happy Bar & Grill".

Excursions in Varna

The resort has a long history, so itcomplex there is a lot of interesting sights. City tour of Varna includes the inspection of such famous monuments of culture, as the Archaeological Park, the Varna necropolis, Asparuhov bridge and others. Excursion for 2-3 hours is no more than 40 euros. Tourists can take a guided tour from Varna to Plovdiv. The cost of an adult and a child ticket is the same - 120 euros. It is a fascinating tour of Varna in the Valley of Roses, which costs 100 euros per person.

The city of Varna


  • Prices in Varna
  • Prices in Varna
  • Prices in Varna

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