Tours in Varna (Bulgaria). Rest in Varna: photo, trips

Tours in Varna

Tours in Varna

Bulgarian Varna - resort special. It is accessible to overwhelming majority of those wishing to spend a pleasant holiday on the beach and not feel discomfort at this from a language barrier or stifling heat that plagues guests exotic countries. In Bulgaria still understand Russian, and the weather is at its Black Sea Riviera equally shows both old and small. And tours to Varna buy fans of Balkan culture and history, because you can learn a lot of interesting things in the life of the ancestors in the city museums.

History and geography

The largest sea port in Bulgaria, VarnaIt located in the western part of the country on the Black Sea coast. Its first mention in written sources of VII century, but under the name of Odessos city was known as the Greek colony of another thirteen centuries before. The name of Varna, according to historians, the city received from the word "Var", which means "mineral spring". In Varna, the Greeks successfully robbed the Romans, from which the resort is still preserved ruins of the term of the II century. Then, according to tradition, in these parts of the Ottoman Empire forces were noted, turned the Varna in a strategically important fortress. Finally, from the Turkish rule the land freed Russian troops in the second half of the XIX century.

Briefly about the importance

  • When planning trips to Varna, it is important to weatherin this region in different seasons. The swimming season starts in late May, when the water warms up to 22 degrees. The climate is humid subtropical Varna and the greatest amount of precipitation occurs in November and December. Sunny days are enough for a comfortable stay, and the average air temperature in winter and summer is +5 and +27 degrees, respectively.
  • The international Varna airport takesDirect flights from the capital, not only Russia, but also from St. Petersburg and other large cities. You can make a connection to Europe or buy a train ticket from Sofia and Prague. Incidentally, in the summer season rail links with Varna established and from Moscow.
  • Besides a rich selection of hotels for participants of toursVarna is possible to stay in private homes or apartments. Rent cost of such housing is slightly lower, and the choice of apartments is much more than hotel rooms.
  • Tours in Varna are ideal for young and active travelers. The city is known as the capital of a night beach of Bulgaria and the local clubs and discos are among the best in Europe.

The city of Varna


  • Tours in Varna
  • Tours in Varna

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