Where to go with children in Varna. Activities for Children in Varna

Where to go with children in Varna?

Where to go with children in Varna?

Varna is a famous resort in Bulgaria. On its territory is located a sufficient number of attractions. R

The most famous destinations

The fascinating pastime of children and waitingAdults in Seaside Park. Its other name - the Sea Garden. It is the second symbol of the city after the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. The park is situated on the beautiful shore of Varna bay, from downtown to the northern part. Its extensive grounds are recreational areas and cultural sites. Green areas stretch for 8 km along the coast. there are rare plants and animals in the park. For children is a special train, which carries them through the territory of the Seaside Park. Inflatable trampolines and playgrounds designed for children. It also organized a zoo, where there are brown bears, llamas, swans and other inhabitants. At the park there is an aquarium in which natural conditions contained various kinds of fish.

To see an amazing show with dolphins,visit a local dolphinarium. He is considered one of the best in Eastern Europe. Performances are held in 4 languages, some of whom are Russian. Dolphins performing complex acrobatics, dance, play and sing.

Tourists who come to Varna, seeking to visit the Golden Sands. It's beautiful beaches, which are located 18 km from the city and are the most attractive target countries.

Museums and cultural monuments

To see the best sights of Varna,Use the sightseeing tour. From the cultural attractions of the city are famous Avenue of the Renaissance, Sundial, Cosmonauts Alley. From museums with children can go to the Naval Museum, Planetarium and Observatory. The well-known cultural institution - the Museum of History, which is located in a beautiful mansion. Visitors are offered exhibitions covering the history of the city. Noteworthy is also the Archaeological Museum, which brought together a great number of rare artifacts and antiques.

Attractions Varna considered terms. This ancient baths by the Romans about 2 thousand years ago. Experts believe that the strength of the construction is not inferior to modern buildings. The architectural monument is the church of St. Athanasius, erected in the 18th century and known for its ancient frescoes.

Where to go with children in Varna yet? To diversify leisure, buy tickets to the State Puppet Theatre. It offers a variety of performances with puppets. In this theater every year at the festival "Golden Dolphin", dedicated to the art of puppetry.


  • Where to go with children in Varna?
  • Where to go with children in Varna?

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