Holidays in Bulgaria in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Bulgaria in October

Holidays in Bulgaria in October

Holidays in Bulgaria in October

In October, there have been serious changes in the weather. So, what can expect the tourists?

Bulgarian weather in October

Temperature readings rapidly fall,with the result that the beach season comes to an end. In Sozopol, Burgas, Sunny Beach daily fluctuations of temperature is + 13 ... 18C. In Varna, Golden Sands in the afternoon can be + 17C, and the colder the night of 7 - 8 degrees. In the capital can be a maximum of + 16C, and in particularly warm days, you can expect an increase to + 18 ... 20C.

In October, observed the frequent rainfall. Thus, in order to enjoy walks, it is important to take care of the presence of an umbrella, warm clothing and waterproof shoes. A light day reduced, so it is advisable to carefully plan their own entertainment program.

Holidays and festivals in Bulgaria in October

  • It is known that in Bulgaria there is a cult of wineancient times. As of October falls during grape harvest, which was subsequently used for cooking wine. This event becomes the cause of the lush festivities.
  • The mountain town of Melnik is traditionally heldfestival that combines gastronomy and ethnology. This event is not only to try a delicious wine, but also to learn the ancient rituals, folk traditions.
  • At number 26 is necessary Dimitrovden thatdedicated to the memory of the Great Martyr Demetrius. However, this celebration is preserved only in small settlements. In most cities in Bulgaria are celebrating family gatherings and symbolic presentation of gifts.
  • If you decide to visit in Plovdiv, thebe sure to spend time interesting, because in October falls several important events. Among the highlights of the festival is to be noted guitar art, the International Day of photos, concert "Plovdiv Jazz Evenings".
  • In Gotse Delchev and Bansko in the autumn festivals. In Gabrovo hosts the International Festival of Sacred Music.

Prices for tours to Bulgaria in October

Holidays in Bulgaria in October - it is an opportunityenjoy a rich excursion program and to visit the landmark festivals, while significantly saving. Prices are reduced for all: tours, rented accommodation, excursions. Holidays in Bulgaria at affordable prices will please you to the fullest!

Photos holidays in Bulgaria

  • Holidays in Bulgaria in October
  • Holidays in Bulgaria in October

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