Holidays in Bulgaria with children - photos, spas

Holidays in Bulgaria with children

Holidays in Bulgaria with children

Bulgaria is gaining momentum with each passing year inthe travel business, the reason for that, and loyal pricing policy, and a strong desire Bulgarians look decent on the background of other European beach resorts. For families with children in Bulgaria created maximum conditions, and therefore the plane to Varna and Burgas are increasingly go little travelers in anticipation of an interesting holiday.


Enumerate all the undoubted advantages of Bulgarian families with children - a thankless task:

  • A short flight will not keep for a long time to acclimatise after landing.
  • In Russian here says the vast majority of the population resort towns, but because even the kids will not have problems in communication.
  • Cuisine of Bulgaria not only satisfying and useful, but also well suited for fragile stomachs of young travelers.
  • Option to purchase at local markets and fresh fruits enrich significantly Hotel vitamins menu, if it is the desire of the guests.

... Or "Against"?

The only drawback with children inBulgaria - it is too much fullness sunbathers local beaches at the height of the holiday season. The reason is that the coastline is public, and the local people are not averse to relax in the sun with tourists.

Preparing properly

No special medical measures beforetraveling on vacation with children in Bulgaria is not required. Enough to have with a standard set of medicines in the road first aid kit and medical travel insurance for emergencies.
The best time to travel to the Black Sea beachesBulgaria with children begins in mid-May and continues until mid-October. In the daytime it is important to limit the kids stay in the sun without any special protective measures.

Passwords turnout addresses

Paradise for families with children in Bulgaria calledAlbena. Clean beaches and two amusement park sloping entrance to the sea and a lot of different hotels to suit every taste and purse, a water park and horse riding, where you can learn how to stay in the saddle - Albena are increasingly choosing and Russian tourists for the holidays.
Resort Review - is not such a popular and untwistedplace, but some privacy attracts families with young children. There is a large influx of tourists on the beach the place lacks everything, and the sea is clean and a few degrees warmer than in Varna and Albena. Some hotels have fitness centers, where you can treat bronchitis and strengthen the immune system, and amusement complexes allow to diversify lazy vacation active games.


  • Holidays in Bulgaria with children
  • Holidays in Bulgaria with children

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