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Drinks in Bulgaria

Drinks in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has always looked to the Russian people notentirely abroad: native language and similar, reasonable prices, tickets are not required, as you can reach by train. But for gourmets and lovers to spend time in friendly gatherings country looks like a paradise, a kitchen and Bulgarian drinks allow for long-awaited vacation without much damage to the family budget.

Alcohol Bulgaria

The country is not allowed to bring more than a literspirits and two liters of wine, if the tourist does not drives from the territory of other EU countries. Do not try to circumvent customs regulations Bulgaria alcohol because it is available at a price, and takes its rightful place in the world rankings in quality. In any supermarket you can buy excellent local brands at a price of 20 leva per bottle (as of mid-2014) or wine no more than 10 leva. product quality at the same time is quite a decent level. The country is respected and Scotch whiskey, which is much cheaper than in Russia.

Bulgarian National Drink

Bulgaria is famous not only for its spas,gold sand on which competes in brightness and cleanliness with a turquoise sea. In the local cafes and restaurants can and should taste the best drinks to memories of the holiday associated with a delicate aroma and a magnificent bouquet:

  • White Muscat. The best cook in Sungurlare and Karlovo.
  • White wines. Definitely worth tasting "Kadarka" and "Galatea".
  • Brandy. "Sunny Beach" for those who are prone to nostalgia for past times.

Amid all this splendor can be identifieda product that is perfect as a souvenir colleagues and friends. Bulgarian National drink - a brandy, brandy made from fruits. It is called the hallmark of the Balkan states, and for the preparation of raw materials are plum, wild dogwood, pear or apple. For a special taste and aroma of brandy is added to honey and aniseed, it insists on the juniper needles and cherry pits. A special kind of Bulgarian national drink - brandy-grozdovitsa, made from grapes.

Alcoholic beverages Bulgaria

Bulgaria - a country where to drink a light wine,but because it is served for any meal and is used just to quench their thirst. More recently, the norm for the average Bulgarian considered drinking a half liter of wine daily. Individual, deviating from the general rule, the neighbors seem at least strange. Today people are less look back at someone else's opinion, but the offer the visitor a glass of good dry wine - an indispensable sign of hospitality and generous soul and contemporary Bulgarian.


  • Drinks in Bulgaria
  • Drinks in Bulgaria
  • Drinks in Bulgaria
  • Drinks in Bulgaria

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