Prices in Bulgaria - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Bulgaria

Prices in Bulgaria

Prices in Bulgaria

Despite the fact that in recent years the prices in Bulgaria have increased the cost of living is quite low.

Shopping and souvenirs

Going on vacation in Bulgaria, it is worth considering,local delicacies, souvenirs, alcohol and other items you can buy at very attractive prices, but to rely on the acquisition by ultra-low cost items of international brands such as Zara - not worth it.

In memory of Bulgaria can be purchased:

  • toilet water, oil and spirits of the Valley of the Roses;
  • clothing, footwear, leather goods, jewelry;
  • clay and wood products, copper ware, embroidered linens;
  • Bulgarian spices, sweets, brandy (local vodka), wine.

If you decide to buy brandy, then you should know that the cost of 1 bottle (750 mg) is 1-3.5 euros. For local wine, you have to pay no more than 3 euros, and for vintage - 7-8 euros.


If you go on a tour of "Ancient Nessebar"you will move through the old city by bus, visit churches and temples of the city, and in his spare time - relax on the beach resort "Sunny Beach". The approximate cost of the tour - 17 euros.

On trips to the ostrich ranch you canget acquainted with the amazing animals and acquire pleasant things in the gift shop. And after visiting the ranch for you to organize a tour of the "Stone Forest" with a picnic. The approximate cost of trips - 10-15 euros.


The cost of entertainment in Bulgaria is not very high, for example, the price of a ticket to the theater or the zoo are 1 euro, and museums - 3-5 euros.

If you - a lover of active fun, youIt is to go on a jeep safari through the picturesque reserved places. During this holiday you will cross the river, shooting from the pneumatic weapon, as well, have a picnic in the woods. The approximate cost of a jeep safari - 35 euros.

The children should travel in Varna Dolphinarium,to look at an unforgettable dolphin show (entrance fee - 25 euro per adult and 12 euros - per child). And the pope and his sons are to go to the Pirate Party - a fun involves a walk on board a motorized boat to boat and participate in the "sea battle". Estimated cost - EUR 30 per adult and 15 euros - per child.


For one-way ticket when traveling on publicTransportation around the city you will pay 0.5 euros, and when traveling from city to city - about 20 euros. If you decide to order a taxi, landing you will be charged 0.4 euros and the same for 1 km.

Going on a trip on a budget option(Accommodation in a cheap hotel, the purchase of local food, travel on public transport), your daily expenses will amount to approximately EUR 25 for 1 person. But on holiday in Sofia you have to spend 2.5-3 times more.


  • Prices in Bulgaria
  • Prices in Bulgaria
  • Prices in Bulgaria

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