Rent a car in Bulgaria. Car rental in Bulgaria - prices

Rent a car in Bulgaria

Rent a car in Bulgaria

To rent a car in Bulgaria, it is necessarywill prepare quite a bit of documents: driver's license and passport. Rights may be Russian. The driver must have 23 years. Requirements to the driving experience - it must be more than 3 years, otherwise the car can take, but it will cost more expensive: will have to pay for the use of cars. Credit Card in most cases is not required. But in the rental cost of a paste in Bulgaria include:

  • MTPL insurance type;
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Vignette and VAT.

Additionally, you can pay for Hull, the presence of a second driver and baby seat.

Selecting car brands in the country is not so big, but on the "mechanics" divine rates. If you are used to ride on such a machine, it is a chance to save well.

Bulgaria has a very beautiful nature, interestingarchitecture, excellent beaches and warm sea. Do not forget about the hospitality of the locals. Many hotels, which for several decades, now freshened by a repair. And the service was the best. However, prices for tours were higher. But still they are not prohibitive, so the country does not become an expensive destination. It turns out that it is still focused on the "mass tourist".

It can be done relatively inexpensivea family vacation, especially if you are traveling with children. You can take a course and pass the same inexpensive, but high-quality treatment. Behind him is just what many travelers and sent to Bulgaria. In winter, skiers flock here, who also need a budget vacation.

Bulgarian National Parks

In Bulgaria there are a few beautifulprotected areas that are popular with tourists. This is an area of ​​three national parks located in the hills of Stara Planina, Rila and Pirin. In total there are eleven natural parks: "Blue stones", "Vitosha", "Rila Monastery", "Strandja" and others. There are over eighty reserves. Of these two, you can highlight the "Chuprene" and "Srebryna".

No less beautiful Valley of Roses. She looks like a fantasy artist of genius, which became a reality. Even just a few kilometers from the valley accompanies you wonderful smell of roses, lavender and mint. However, from the smell can make your head spin. Therefore, at the wheel, be careful: do not forget, and not for Any queen of flowers, watch the road. And if you feel dizzy, stop, take a walk. Then you can move again in a way.


  • Rent a car in Bulgaria
  • Rent a car in Bulgaria

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