Resorts Bulgaria: photos, description

Resorts in Bulgaria

Resorts in Bulgaria

Since Soviet times, the Black Sea RivieraBulgaria has been a popular and affordable holiday destination. Here, students spend a vacation and sunbathing in the summer camp students, and the warm sea and friendly people more than compensated for the lack of infrastructure frills. Today the Bulgarian resorts are changing rapidly for the better. Construction of new hotels, opened restaurants and fitness clubs, and the level of service is already very similar to "distant abroad" with the only difference being that the price of services is quite nice for any traveler.

"For" or "Against"?

Any resort in Bulgaria seem to Russiantraveler friends and relatives. Here, everywhere you can meet compatriots and to find a company with the same interests. Bulgarians are well aware of Russian, and a clear manifestation of their hospitality are at least a portion of the local cafes. By the way, Bulgarian cuisine is very close to Russian travelers, and nostalgia for his homeland, so typical of Asian or African guest, there is almost no covers.
Bulgarian wines light, cheap and veryquality, and therefore lovers relax on holiday will be something to remember. If we add to the list of arguments in favor of Bulgaria's short flight and one hundred percent availability of the local beaches for a family vacation, it turns out ideal holiday or vacation.

Always in the TOP

The main resorts of Bulgaria received rave reviews from many generations of travelers:

  • Color Golden Sands Beach and repeatedprestigious Blue Flags for cleanliness attracted to this resort is the large number of guests. The coastline is framed by magnificent deciduous forest, protected by the state as a national natural relic, and the infrastructure of Golden Sands, making them the most comfortable and modern resort in Bulgaria.
  • Sunny Beach is conveniently located within walking distance fromBourgas Airport and is most suitable for families with children. The chain stretches its hotels directly on the beachfront, and an abundance of children's towns, attractions and water park will not be allowed to miss the little guests of the local beaches.
  • Albena is positioned as an elite resort in Bulgaria. Here prefer to relax wealthy Europeans who appreciate special comfort. And in Albena Children are welcome, for which there exists an infinite set of entertainment.
  • Archaeological Museum and a variety of summerfestivals successfully complete a lazy beach holiday in Varna. This resort in Bulgaria prefers young people, because the number of night clubs and discos Varna amounts to many dozens.


  • Resorts in Bulgaria
  • Resorts in Bulgaria

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