Ski resorts in Bulgaria photos, reviews. Skiing in Bulgaria

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

Every year an increasing interest to the resortsBulgaria, not only located on the Black Sea coast, but also to the ski. This trend does not seem surprising, because Bulgaria has a lot of undeniable advantages, given that tourists and tend to close the country in the Balkans. The first advantage, by the way, just have a short travel and cheap flights. In addition, an important reason is the popularity and widespread knowledge of Russian in Bulgaria. However, itself is quite understandable Bulgarian tourists from the former Soviet Union. The hospitable people of the Black Sea neighboring country and nice hotel service - another plus in the treasury of the merits of the Bulgarian ski and snowboarding.
One hundred points ahead of renowned Europeanresorts will give Bulgaria and parts prices. Here are all much cheaper: and accommodation in hotels and catering, and ski passes and off-piste entertainment. On the Bulgarian ski resorts opened many schools, where you can teach a child to ski or snowboard and take the slope itself. Russian Speaking trainers - in abundance, and prices are quite preemlemye.
Bulgaria is only developing its skiresorts, and therefore can not boast of having extreme slopes or supernavorochennogo snowparks. Where you can still find and turn to the ski lifts, which are not the latest model. Yet at local resorts, tourists willing to come, because in Bulgaria, you can ride safely and home.

Bansko Resort

Ancient Bulgarian town has a goodresort infrastructure and boasts high-quality slopes. The season here begins in late fall or early winter, and the snow is steadily until mid-April. You can get here from Sofia, the road will take about three hours. The temperature in January, does not drop below -7 degrees, but because the weather in Bansko is very comfortable to ride.
The length of all trails is about the resort70 kilometers. Novice skiers and boarders ride usually Chalin-Valog, low, and a small area, where schools work. In the area Shiligarnika athletes waiting for more serious route, including, and the best in the country according to the testimony of professionals. For dosochnikov pleasant surprise to find the resort not only suitable slopes, but also great fun park with halfpipe.
Bansko is much easier and more economical to buy a single ski pass for the duration of riding. The queues at the lifts are usually in the morning, but by 10 hours it becomes available.

Borovets Resort

This ski region stretches just 70kilometers from the capital. Once it was hunted Bulgarian kings, because of the special beauty of these places. Borovets is located on the slopes of Mount Rila, it is surrounded by evergreen coniferous forests, but because the local air seems especially friendly and helpful.
Trails Borovets are highlypreparedness. This is evidenced by the fact that the resort was twice the venue for the ski Cup international ranking. The ski area is conventionally divided into three districts. Sitnyakovo can recommend green boarders and skiers and those who are already confident standing on the board. School is in this area are very popular, because the former well-known instructors and titled sportsmen working in them.
In Yastrebtsev usually ride midrangeskiers, however, is laid and a "black" route. In Marakudzhike also is where to turn to more experienced athletes. About dosochnikov Borovets also not forgotten, and they can try their luck and grab a shot of adrenaline to the local slopes 18.
Ski passes are the most profitable to buy unlimited skiing for a week.

Pamporovo Resort

Pamporovo Resort geographically - in the southernmostcountry. Here most of the sun, and the Rhodopes particularly effects, see it on a clear day. Season, despite the mild winter lasts from early December to mid-April: proximity to the sea ensures abundant snow throughout the skiing period.
The resort infrastructure is developed excellent workmodern lifts. Total length of slopes is small - only about 17 kilometers, but the resort is ideal for snowboard and downhill skiing. Especially beginners like it here - it is very soft in Pamporovo wide slopes on which to stand, and for the first time on the board, and work out some exercises technique.
In addition to winter sports, this Bulgarian townis pleased to offer its guests improve their health and gain strength in the radon baths fed by natural hot springs. Thanks to this gift of nature is opened spa center, leisure and treatment in which both decided to combine in Pamporovo with skiing and snowboarding.

Photos of Bulgarian ski resorts

  • Ski resorts in Bulgaria
  • Ski resorts in Bulgaria
  • Ski resorts in Bulgaria
  • Ski resorts in Bulgaria
  • Ski resorts in Bulgaria

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