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Traditions Bulgaria

Traditions Bulgaria

The formation of the Bulgarian culture influenced manynations. Its footprint on the earth sun left the Greeks and Romans, Thracians, Turks, and because the Bulgarian traditions are diverse and interesting for fans of the most diverse areas of art and crafts.

What are they, the Bulgarians?

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. Residents of Bulgaria hospitable and open, they are able to work and like to arrange holidays, their houses thoroughly and soundly, and the kitchen features a large number of simple and hearty dishes. Bulgarians are able to receive guests, and even in low-cost hotels and restaurants here an atmosphere of constant concern for the visitors. In the tradition of Bulgaria - the love of the younger generation, and therefore on the local resorts can safely take the kids. They will have a warm welcome and genuine surround with care and attention.

Learning calendar

Going on tour in Bulgaria, is acquainted with the schedule of annual holidays in celebration of which is interesting and useful to take part:

  • Survakane during the Christmas holidays - aan ancient ritual, symbolizing the wish of prosperity and good health to each other. He was very fond of kids, endows the hosts of neighboring houses. Gifts and money malyshnya collects during bypass neighborhoods.
  • St. Lazarus Day is celebrated on the eve of PalmSunday. Girls gather first flowers and weave garlands of them, and the doors of houses are decorated with Palm shoots. According to Bulgarian tradition, the day of Lazarus - a celebration of the earth and wishes each other a generous harvest.
  • On the Day of Saints Constantine and Helena in the countrypopular representation, during which dance on hot coals. Make it professional, but the audience at the same time fall into a trance and not smaller precedents, when the crowd ran out of the stove and ordinary onlookers, it happens a lot every year.

Family bonds

Bulgarian tradition to maintain contact with citizensrural families are the envy of many countries around the world. This practice is called Karelian community, and in almost every city apartment you can see the area with the old national of furniture, carpets and objects of everyday life of villagers. At least looks pretty mutual rite, also came from the depths of time. Bulgarians have long combined efforts, inventory, cattle and money to carry out a serious and hard work. Together harvest, build a house, played a wedding or made preparations for the winter.


  • Traditions Bulgaria
  • Traditions Bulgaria
  • Traditions Bulgaria

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