Water parks in Golden Sands - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Golden Sands

Water parks in Golden Sands

Resting in Golden Sands, travelersit is recommended to have some fun in the local water park, the design of which is made in the Moorish-Mediterranean style (it is divided into children, adults and the extreme zone).

Water Park in Golden Sands

Water Park "Aquapolis" makes available to its guests:

  • relaxation area (there is a Jacuzzi, whirlpool, "lazy river", massage salon);
  • water rides as "the Wildriver "(is a meandering river)," Niagara "(attraction in the form of a direct high-speed roller coaster)," Black Hole "(descent 2 closed tubes carried out on the circles - the attraction means to overcome unexpected turns), slide" Slalom "with 4 lanes;
  • children's area with a slide in the form of a dragon and the tortoisedinosaurs (and even children will be able to visit the shooting range, jump on the bungee trampoline, ride a boat, which is carried out by means of remote control, to climb the rock child under the supervision of the instructor);
  • point of catering;
  • gift shop.

Price visit: adults - 33 levs (half-day, after 15:00 - 25 lion), children (0.9-1.2 m) - 16 lev (noon - 12 lion). By purchasing a ticket, you can count also on the design of insurance, emergency assistance, obtaining water circles. Those who want to rent a beach chair and umbrella, will have to pay 5 lev and safe rental cost them more in the 4 left.

Water Activities in Golden Sands

You want to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool? Look closely at the "HVD Viva Club Hotel", "Apart Hotel Golden Line", "Riviera Beach Hotel" and others.

For those interested in water sports offeredgo on a boat trip or a themed tour on a yacht or a boat - such entertainment includes several options for recreation in the form of a review of travel along the resort, exit to the open sea with a picnic or a pirate party (approximate cost - 36-76 lev / 1 person).

Beach lovers will be pleasantly surprised - GoldenSands famous sandy beaches of golden color, clean the seabed near the shore and the calm sea: here you can ride on a rented jet skis, sea tram or water skiing, as well as hang-gliding and spend time on the sports field. As for the young travelers, they will find on the local beaches children's water slides. If you decide to take on a lounger beaches, then you have to pay 8-10 leva, if umbrellas, 7-8 leva.

If we talk about the beaches belonging to the hotelthe first line, you should look for the beach area of ​​the hotel "Admiral" - here serves sunbathing on wooden loungers and cool drinks, which they will be offered a drink waiters, "cruising" between the sunbeds.


  • Water parks in Golden Sands
  • Water parks in Golden Sands
  • Water parks in Golden Sands

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