Where better to relax in Bulgaria. Where to go in Bulgaria?

Where to relax in Bulgaria

Where to relax in Bulgaria

If you are going to visit Bulgaria for the first time, touristsquite often are faced with a small problem: where better to relax in Bulgaria? The Black Sea coast in this hospitable country has about 20 resorts. Our recommendations will help you decide on such a complex matter of choice destinations.

Children rest

Going on a trip with young children,Parents are usually the first place to put the interests of the child. It is to him, first of all should be comfortable. And when choosing a resort, they are guided by the presence of the necessary conditions for the baby:

  • on an "all inclusive" children's menu;
  • Services animators and babysitters, children's leisure time should be organized
  • playground, where children could play;
  • sandy beach and shallow sea.

Ideal parent meets these demandsAlbena - a resort, which is considered the best place in the country for a family holiday. Here are the first line of hotels. Among them, it is worth noting Laguna Beach Arabella Beach, Gergana and others.

Excellent fit in this framework and resorts such as the Dunes and Elenite. But the prices are much higher than in the Albena.

A quiet "home" vacation

Lovers of quiet measured rest especiallydelight of Nessebar and Sozopol. In these places well preserved narrow medieval streets, where you can wander around alone. Many cafes and restaurants offer to try out the traditional country kitchen. The noise and cries fall silent in the late afternoon, when creating their kids go to bed.

Selecting youth

Hotels, youth-oriented vacation, somewhat different from the Turkish hotels: Bulgaria decided to rest for the walls of the hotel. Therefore, the requirements of several other hotels:

  • young people prefer a simple, no-frills room;
  • the presence of a disco is not required (as a rule, all the entertainment are located near the resting place);
  • low price tickets.

The ideal places are considered resort Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. An unforgettable vacation just is guaranteed, and the question: "Where better to go for a vacation in Bulgaria to the younger generation," settled.

Sightseeing holidays

Wanting to explore the history of the country,You should buy a ticket in Veliko Tarnovo. This city is located far away from the sea and the traditional spas, however, is very attractive for tourists. He has kept to this day a very unique architecture of the Bulgarian Renaissance. If the monuments belonging to the last century, could talk, they would have told many interesting stories and legends. Veliko Tarnovo - a place where traditional Bulgarian kings were crowned. Here is the residence of the patriarchs and bishops.

Wellness vacation

But in Bulgaria you can not only finerelax, but also to improve their own health. To do this is to visit the resort of Pomorie. Resorts of this resort town famous for its healing mud. Pomorie Many hotels have their own spas, offering its guests a variety of complex procedures. Activities at this resort will certainly have to taste the fairer sex.

Photos holidays in Bulgaria

  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria
  • Where to relax in Bulgaria

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