Cambodia Beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches in Cambodia

Cambodia Beaches

Cambodia Beaches

Mecca beach holiday in Cambodia - Portresort city of Sihanoukville (200 km from Phnom Penh). The tourism industry in the country began to develop not so long ago. That is why tourists come less than, for example, in Thailand. Cambodia good white sand beaches, pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand, a variety of hotels and cafes. the rainy season lasts from June to September in the rest of the time the best sandy beaches in Cambodia are ready to receive guests.

The most famous beaches of Cambodia

  • Beach Oh Chu Teal (Occheuteal Beach) looks likeelegant strip of sand with free sunbeds. The entire length of the beach scattered bars and souvenir shops. Located near the center of the city, it is very popular among tourists and locals.
  • Beach Serendipity (Serendipity Beach) lovepampered creature comforts for the tourists the opportunity to swim and sunbathe, not very far away. On the bank's service to shops, cafes with Khmer dishes, cheap huts for accommodation.
  • Otres Beach (Otres Beach), 5 km from Sihanoukville -for those who dream of a secluded stay at the seaside. Please note that nearby there is no hotels, tailored for families with children. But it is ideal for honeymooners, wedding ceremony committed in this country friendly to the guests. Opposite the beach a few small islands, which you can get to on a rented boat.
  • Beach Victory (Victory Beach) prefer to tourists who love leisure. It is located at the far end of the peninsula Sihanoukville, near the port and is famous for its spectacular sunsets, wonderful sand.
  • Soho Beach (Sokha Beach) disposesfive-star Sokha Beach Resort, built in the vicinity of the coast. Beach 1.5 km away size found in perfect condition, but the entrance to it is available only for hotel guests. For all others, however, isolated part of the beach 100 meters.
  • Beach Independence (Independence Beach) andIt belongs to the hotel of the same name. Locals call each other this beach, "a seven-story hotel." Its length is about 2 km, but the beach area largely inaccessible to foreign visitors. Soho Beach and Independence attractive because despite the proximity to the town center, rest on them very comfortable and quiet.
  • About Hawaiian beach (Hawaii Beach) visitorssay that part of it belongs to the famous Alain Delon. On the shore is pleasant to bask in the deep shadow of the magnificent pine trees and watch the sail boats.

Photos of Cambodia beaches

  • Cambodia Beaches
  • Cambodia Beaches
  • Cambodia Beaches

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