Holiday in Cambodia in April: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Cambodia in April

Holiday in Cambodia in April

Holiday in Cambodia in April

Visitors from countries with temperateclimate may consider the April weather uncomfortable Cambodia. During the day the air warms up to + 35C, and at night the whole is cooled to ten degrees. Thus, April is one of the hottest months of the year. The conditions for a beach holiday is ideal, because the water temperature is about 30 degrees.

The volume of deposits continued to grow in April, heis 101 millimeter. In the rain for about eight - nine days. Rains different minor or moderate strength. The number of sunny hours is gradually reduced. Many people can not tolerate heat in Cambodia, but it is a beach holiday is able to give the best impression.

Holidays and festivals in Cambodia in April

Are you planning a vacation rich in Cambodia in April? Perhaps you are interested in attending the different events? So, how can cultural leisure?

  • At the end of April in Cambodia decided to celebrate the DayRoyal Ploughing. This day is held in honor of the beginning of the planting season. By tradition, held a ceremony of laying the first furrow in the rice fields, is located near the royal palace in Phnom Penh. Royal Ploughing Day is different and unusual ritual. Sacred cows decided to harness the plow, to carry out on the field three times, and then sum up to seven dishes. The selection made will help you understand what will be next year. Everyone who was lucky enough to see the ceremony and ritual, can appreciate the unusual nature of the Cambodian culture.
  • Cambodian New Year is called Chaul Chnam. It is usually celebrated in mid-April. Usually the New Year falls on 14, 15 or 16 numbers. Dates are determined by the lunar calendar. Rouge strive in a special way to celebrate Chaul Chnam. Among the traditions is the possibility of putting on only new things. In the New Year at the Rouge decided to pour water on each other. Tourists should be aware of the fact that they are also subjected to water procedures. According to tradition, the water should be yellow, blue or pink, because it is these colors symbolize a happy future. Rouge seek in the first two days of the new year to visit the monasteries in order to bring food to the monks and to pray.
  • At the end of April in Cambodia it decided to celebrate a religious festival Visak-Bucha. Celebrations last for seven days.

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  • Holiday in Cambodia in April
  • Holiday in Cambodia in April

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