Holiday in Cambodia in December: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Cambodia in December

Holiday in Cambodia in December

Holiday in Cambodia in December

Cambodia - a country located on thein Asia and different ancient and unusual history, beautiful nature and hospitable locals. Perhaps you are interested in vacation in Cambodia in December? Can it be held? What should be taken into account?

The weather is known to have a significant impact on the pastime of every tourist. So what can be in December in Cambodia?

In late November - early December in CambodiaIt begins cool and dry winter. The weather can be hot, but not a high level of humidity, so it becomes really comfortable. During the day the air can warm up to + 27-30C, but in the night time temperature up to + 21-22C.

Precipitation becomes about twiceless than in November, and four times less than in October. Rains are usually weak, and thunderstorms are not always. In December, may be 5 - 6 rainy days. Despite this pleasant weather in December in Cambodia is one of the coolest months. At the same time, many tourists prefer to travel to Cambodia at this time of year, because the exhausting heat passes, and long rains do not bother.

Is it possible to enjoy a beach holiday in fullleast? Such a possibility is, in fact, in December the water warms up to + 29C. If desired, each tourist can sunbathe on the gorgeous beaches and enjoy a swim.

So what are the options for hanging out include:

  1. Discover the natural world. You can see the local representatives of the natural world, which is characterized by saturation and is capable of a surprise, delight. In addition, the negative impact of human hands unnoticed until now.
  2. Excursions. You can see the many attractions of Cambodia, each of which deserves special attention. One of the most popular attractions among tourists is the temple complex of Angkor Wat, an area of ​​about two kilometers. Angkor Wat is one of the largest churches in the world.
  3. Gorgeous beaches. Cambodia is one of the best countries for a beach holiday. It is important to note that Cambodia away from advanced civilizations, so you can fully experience the convergence of nature.

Treat yourself to a fairy tale - relax in Cambodia!

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