Holiday in Cambodia in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Cambodia in January

Holiday in Cambodia in January

Holiday in Cambodia in January

Holiday in Cambodia in January - it's a greatthe opportunity to relax on the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville, which are known throughout the world, and enjoy the warm sun, azure sea and a light sea breeze. If you had the opportunity to visit Cambodia in January, be sure to visit the famous city of the medieval era of Angkor. In this city there is a lot of churches that are recognized as the most beautiful buildings in the world.

In the main city of the country, which is calledPhnom Penh, there are many museums and various other landmarks. Also, this city is known for its many wonderful markets. Guests of the city in these markets to buy a souvenir variety of souvenirs, for example, such as silk and Buddha statues made of wood.

Tours in Cambodia

On vacation in Cambodia a lot of visits each yeartourists from different parts of the globe. Beach lovers will not leave indifferent wonderful seashores and infrastructure. Cost of tours to Cambodia in January range from about 600 - 2500 dollars. Everything will depend on your preferences and the duration of the tour.

The January weather in Cambodia

The best time to travel to Cambodia - itthe month of January. In the kingdom at this time of climatic conditions more neutral. Virtually no rain, and if the precipitation falls and then about 25 mm, no more. The rains here can take only two or three times during the whole month. That is why the humidity level drops. It can vary from 41-96%. The closer the end of January, the humidity level is below. In January, the temperature in Cambodia is quite high - 30-35S. This is a great time to purchase a bronze tan. At night and on the morning air heated to 22C, and the temperature on the coast at the time of day is about 29C. But because of the low humidity, the heat will not cause you any inconvenience. By law in January can be considered the sunniest month in this kingdom. The sky, mostly, always clean, but sometimes you can see how it float on light clouds.

Recommended Resorts in Cambodia in January:

  1. Koh Rong;
  2. Sihanoukville Beaches;
  3. Co-Dec-Kul.

Soft pleasant climate of the country in Januarymonth will give you an unforgettable vacation. Here you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year their holidays. Tours try to book in advance to buy them at the best prices.

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