Holiday in Cambodia in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Cambodia in March

Holiday in Cambodia in March

Holiday in Cambodia in March

In March, Cambodia installed hot and dryweather. The average temperature is 34 degrees, night - 24. March is one of the hottest months of the year. Terms and conditions are also ideal for swimming, because the water temperature off the coast is around 30C.

During the month falls of about 58 millimeters of precipitation. Thus, the amount of precipitation in March increased compared to February. The average number of rainy days in March - 5. Usually, the air humidity is 59-64%, so conditions may cause some discomfort. March is the last month of the dry season. The duration of the solar day is eight hours.

Can Cambodia to take your time in March?

The most famous beach resort recognizedSihanoukville, located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. This resort is characterized by well-developed infrastructure, but it attracts tourists, first of all, wonderful beaches. Travelers can stay like in a small cheap hotel or in a luxury hotel. Wanting to enjoy pristine nature, you need to think about rest on the islands of Ko-Dec-Kul, Koh Rong.

Active holidays in March can please theirvariety: fishing, water skiing, surfing, diving. Fans prefer diving Ko herself Totang Ko, Koh Chang. People who dream to enjoy the extreme entertainment, travel spend in the jungles of Cambodia.

Ideal weather conditions are conducive to a beach and outdoor activities, depending on the preferences of the tourists themselves.

Holidays and festivals in Cambodia in March

March 8 in Cambodia decided to celebrate Internationalwomen's Day. In honor of a holiday in the country are held parades on decorated boats, public appearances, fairs and exhibitions. In Phnom Penh, is held each year fair, where Cambodian women demonstrate unique products, namely, bags, scarves.

If you visit in March in Cambodia, you will feel the uniqueness of local traditions.

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  • Holiday in Cambodia in March
  • Holiday in Cambodia in March

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