Holiday in Cambodia in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Cambodia in November,

Holiday in Cambodia in November,

Holiday in Cambodia in November,

Cambodia - it is a strange and wonderful in allEuropeans culture, unlike life, other values. Here, in the East, all in a different way. And if you are planning a vacation in Cambodia in November, we recommend to consider the excursions that can make at this time. At this time, just the rainy season comes to an end, and if precipitation falls, the greater part of the night.

What to see, where to go

Of course, many tourists attracted ancientcity ​​of Angkor. He lost in the jungle and striking in its grandeur and onetime wealth, pomp, stone ornaments ... By the way, to visit him as the best at this time of year when there is no summer heat. Ancient temples seem unusual, there is a very strong energy that is felt everywhere: in ancient buildings, and huge trees that surround the city, and in the air, which seems to be imbued with an extraordinary past. Still a lot of mysteries and puzzles to keep these places, who knows, maybe you're one of them slightly open ...

On the sea you can relax at this time in Sihanoukville,This famous resort in the country. Here you are able to visit the national parks, you can go on one of the islands and feel like a real Robinson, diving, yachting, or boat ... In 16 km from the city are the waterfalls KBAL Tea, is here and the temple in the rock, which is more than six centuries. For an offering in the temple grab some coins.

Want to see how people live on the water? Yes, there is and there is. In Cambodia, there are Vietnamese villages, where people live in huts on the lakes. You can go on a trip to one of these villages - Tonle Sap. They organize trips there and to farm crocodiles, which can be treated with extraordinary barbecue and watch these predators. Organize and sightseeing tours in the country and in the jeep, where you are waiting for adventures.

Some tips for tourists

  1. It is not recommended to drink unboiled water.
  2. If you'll be visiting religious temples, the women need to be sure to have long skirts, and men no shorts and pants.
  3. Shoes at the entrance to the temple is removed, because it is necessary to have a reserve socks.
  4. If you want to take pictures of the local people, ask permission.
  5. Public transport as such, no, there is a taxi, you can use the motor-bikes, rent a car.
  6. There are provinces (Pailin and Battambang) where unaccompanied by a guide is better not to climb.

From souvenirs, you can choose a variety of spices andincense, demand of silk products. It is very cheap (just 2-6 dollars) can be purchased scarf, purse, handkerchief. Very original clock is made in their decoration using precious stones. A variety of silverware, jewelry for women will satisfy even the most discerning travelers. Local craftsmen are famous for carving marble, basalt, sandstone making souvenirs, weaving products from rice straw and bamboo, and pottery can quite prepare meals on the stove.

Come - it is interesting to travel the country. Incidentally, this is - the kingdom! But they are few in the world.

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  • Holiday in Cambodia in November,

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