Holiday in Cambodia in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in September in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia in September

Holiday in Cambodia in September

Weather conditions in Cambodia can not be called perfect in September. So, what should be ready to tourists?

Weather in September

The weather is hot, very humid. daytime temperature is + 32C, at night + 24C. The water is heated to 29 degrees, so you can enjoy a dip in full.

As of September has to 248.8 mm of rainfall. Medium or heavy rains can go 19 - 20 days. At the same time more than half of rain accompanied by thunderstorms. Relative humidity varies between 64% - 94%, but sometimes it can be lowered to 53% or rise to 99%. The number of hours of sunshine in September is 150, which is less than in other months. Wind can be a western, southern or western. The average speed is 0.4 - 6.3 m / s.

Features traveling to Cambodia in September

Tourist flow gradually dries up, becauseweather conditions are not conducive to an exciting holiday. Tourists do not have the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday and bathing, because the number of sunny hours is minimal and frequent rains forced to sit in the room. In addition, there is no possibility to enjoy long walks and see all the interesting sights, as a pastime can not deliver pleasure in bad weather conditions. It is important to be prepared for the fact that the ratio of humidity and temperature is not comfortable for weather-sensitive people.

In September, Cambodia held not interestingevent, so tourists do not have the possibility to know the culture. Among the events to be noted Cambodia's Constitution Day (September 24) and All Souls' Day (early September). Both holidays are important for Cambodian people, but not of particular interest to tourists.

Among the advantages is the possibilitylight rooms in the hotel booking and reasonable prices. Despite these advantages, many people say that the rest of Cambodia in September is not the best option. Tourists who have decided in September to visit Cambodia in the future refuse to travel this option, because the negative aspects more than positive. In order to know Cambodia, it is desirable to select another month, because September is one of the worst periods for travel.

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  • Holiday in Cambodia in September
  • Holiday in Cambodia in September

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