Rent a car in Cambodia. Car rental in Cambodia - prices

Rent a Car in Cambodia

Rent a Car in Cambodia

Cambodia - exotic and mysterious country, which attracts crowds of tourists every year. There are so many interesting places to view which will leave a lot of time.

Rent a Car in Cambodia

Rent a car in Cambodia does not require you tolarge financial costs. Formally to make a contract you need the same documents as in other civilized countries: passport, driving license and credit card. The main difference: in Cambodia is not valid driver's license of the international sample, you need to obtain a temporary permit for driving. But in reality, the locals can give you a car without proper documents.

Describe the traffic on the roads can be a single word -chaos. In the cities, very little traffic, markings and generally any road signs, among other things the locals completely "forget" about the observance of traffic rules. The quality of the road surface is poor. And if you decide to plunge into the life of the country with the head - riding a rented car is definitely the best choice. But still reasonable rent a car with a driver.

Taking a car rental, you will be required to signagreement, which agree to pay the full cost of car repair in the event of breakdowns and accidents, as well as fully compensate the damage when the car is stolen. Unfortunately, these measures are justified. So do not leave your car unattended and, where possible, use pay parking. Moreover, the price for these services is not great.

What to see in Cambodia

  • Most tourists come to the country towith their own eyes see the majestic ruins of Angkor. This huge area is completely covered with the ruins of ancient temples with the remains of ancient drawings.
  • No less interesting are the floating villages. On the lake Tonle Sap wooden houses are located directly on the water, so that's Venice in Cambodia. Looking at these slums, it is difficult to imagine that people live there and commute to work and school in small boats.
  • The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh - a wonderful place,where new buildings are interwoven with dusty buildings in colonial style, a reminder of the French. Here you can also have breakfast croissant and a cup of coffee.

Do not forget to buy souvenirs for family andloved ones. Greatest popular Cambodian silk, pottery, statues of Buddha, cotton scarf "Krama" and the famous Cambodian pepper, which buy all the famous restaurants in the world.

Travel to Cambodia, without a doubt, will leave a trace in your soul, make to reflect on the meaning of life. And the exotic nature and pristine beaches will be remembered forever.


  • Rent a Car in Cambodia

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