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Tourism in Cambodia

Tourism in Cambodia

Once this state steadfastly fought againstexternal and internal enemies, trying to assert their independence. Now Cambodia peacefully set up the guests from abroad, warmly opens its borders, proudly displays its natural and cultural attractions.

It is understood that rival neighboring Thailandthe country can not be, although tourism in Cambodia, albeit slowly, but surely evolving and moving in the right direction. Local tour operators know how to attract the customer, it is a highlight in the Asian recreation, entertainment, cuisine and souvenirs.

In Cambodia, all is quiet

It is still impossible to speak about full securitytourists stay in this country. After all the bloody wars many locals still keep the house a firearm. Therefore, the tourist is best not to conflict with the individual representatives of the country's hot.

As in any other country in the world, you need to restbe very careful, especially where a lot of tourists or locals. On the markets, shops, beaches kept under the supervision of valuables and money.

In Cambodia should be careful with the kitchen,a lot of unusual for European products and ways to prepare them contribute to indigestion. Just be careful to be in communion with the local fauna, which, unlike the Cambodians, sometimes very unfriendly towards tourists.

In the park, all in the park

However, Cambodian parks significantlyEuropeans are different from the usual neat, well-groomed, neat areas. National parks in the country do not have a beginning and end, and also can quickly clean up the inattentive tourist in hand, as the now famous Angkor city, once lost in the jungle.

While in Cambodia, you should choose to visit one of the unique natural complexes, each of them has its own name:

  • Virchay, is the largest national park;
  • Park Ream, amazing mangroves;
  • the most famous park complex of Angkor with its unique facilities and riddles.

Bokor In the park you can see the relicrainforests and mountain savannas, which are under state protection. Rainforests are amazing spectacle, for which many tourists are willing to spend many hours in the sky to get here and see them with your own eyes.

But the main attraction is notnatural beauty, and the created hands of ancient Cambodian unique architectural monuments of Angkor, which became famous thanks to the magnificent actress Angelina Jolie.


  • Tourism in Cambodia
  • Tourism in Cambodia
  • Tourism in Cambodia

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