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Cambodian Traditions

Cambodian Traditions

This is a state in Southeast Asia locatedJust one and a half thousand kilometers north of the equator, so hot and humid climate causes many local traditions and customs. Growing rice - the main occupation of the local farmers, the irrigation system of fields, invented in ancient times, allow local residents to collect up to four harvests per year. Cambodian Traditions are largely related to profess religion and the worship of the sacred river of the Mekong and its immutability over the centuries and shows the main features of the character Khmer - solidity and permanence.

On the spiritual blessings

The surrounding country is constantly CambodiaThey attempted to not only win her land, but also change the nature of the Khmers. Thai and Vietnamese are planted their own traditions and customs, but the idea did not succeed. Rouge was able to save as Polynesian features and their own perception of the world. They did not pursue material things, preferring to continually collect spiritual values. The belief in a better future life dictates them the ability to be content with little in real life.

Matriarchy in Khmer

Traditions Cambodia can read a womanthe envy of all the other countries of Southeast Asia. It is assumed here to honor the memory of Queen Liu E, which prevailed in the days of matriarchy, but because any important word has the prefix "Me" means "mother". Enumerating own relatives, Khmer begin by mentioning grandmothers and other older women.
Families, according to Cambodian tradition, must belarge, and have five children of local residents - business as usual. In rural areas, even a small plot of land is able to feed a family, and for this purpose it is not necessary to bend back the clock to get the rice harvest. Fertile climate makes it for Cambodians.

Useful things

  • Caught in the tourist zone of Cambodia, it is importantenlist the support of a local resident - a rickshaw, a waiter, a taxi driver. Leaving a small tip, you can always count on useful advice and support for such a person. It will help to find transportation to the desired attractions and even hold a tour taking into account local realities and peculiarities.
  • Cambodian Traditions in the preparation of nationaldishes very exotic. Before you try something, ask the degree of severity of food and products of which it is cooked. Often the mere mention of the ingredients can cause indigestion in sensitive European.


  • Cambodian Traditions
  • Cambodian Traditions

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