Trip to Cambodia

Trip to Cambodia

Trip to Cambodia

A trip to Cambodia - an opportunity to examineUnique architectural monuments, which after guidance "order" in the country of the Khmer Rouge survived only by miracle. And the most majestic of them Angkor, which is a palace-temple complex.

Public transport

The city can be navigated using the services of: private taxis; buses; rickshaws (bicycles and mopeds). However, buses are only in large cities, as for the provincial towns - it is an expensive luxury. The bus fleet is represented by a variety of models. You can meet and completely outdated model without doors and windows, and double-decker super-modern "luxury" car with all the amenities.


Taxis in the country it is used exclusively by guests. Too low level of income of the local population makes taxi service available.

But the most popular way to get around the city - mopeds and motorcycles and rickshaws. Externally, these "taxis" look like a trolley, which can comfortably sit four people.

Railway transport

The total length of roads is 602kilometers. It is worth remembering that the routes are limited. In addition, the schedule may change unexpectedly, and arrival time, it is impossible to predict.

If you do decide on such an extremetrip, be prepared much overpay for tickets. But at the same time hope to comfort just not worth it - passenger cars in the country are missing, and the trip itself will have to spend in the conventional "freight train". travel speed is 20 km / h.

The only route in the country - Takeo, Kampot (terminus Sihanoukville).

Water transport

The total length of waterways - 2400kilometers. And water will be the most fun journey. The main river of the country - the Mekong, Cambodia but all crisscrossed by numerous canals and rivers, so the water can reach nearly every corner of the country.

Walk you can take on a small private boat and speedboat.


A total of Cambodia, severalof airport complexes. International flights take only two and they are located in Siem Reap and the capital, Phnom Penh. All other airports are used exclusively for the flights between the three cities: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Ratanakiri.

And domestic and international flights by local airlines: Cambodia Angkor Eir; Royal Khmer Eirlayns; Skayuingz Aisha Eirlayns; Tonle Sap Eirlayns.

And the country can hitchhike as the locals quite peaceful.


  • Trip to Cambodia
  • Trip to Cambodia
  • Trip to Cambodia

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