The cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada

United States of America A neighbor looksmuch more modest on the part of the tourist offer, but also where you can find excellent options. In winter, guests prefer to be engaged in skiing, in summer - relax in national parks. The largest cities are not left without the attention of tourists all year round.

The cost of living in Canada varies from sky-high prices in hotels of category Deluxe to quite acceptable to expose hostels or the owners of private houses.

Canadian hotels

Familiar star system here, at the level can be identified by the letters:

  • T, meaning Tourist Class, offers accommodation for democratic values;
  • F - First Class, is equal to 3 * hotel;
  • S - Superior, higher class;
  • D - Deluxe, it is clear that service and maintenance at the level of five-star hotels.

Depending on available finance and tourist desires and selects a suitable hotel, motel or apartment.

Canadian capital

At the time, the small town became the capitalCanada and slowly came in sixth place in the world in terms of life. And for the rich, and for a modest guest Ottawa here there are suitable places to stay. Luxury hotels that are centrally located next to the Parliament, are ready to offer housing at a price of $ 150. Or more.

Hotels offer a more modest levelaccommodation options from 74 to 120 dollars. But you can find a building in the style of the Victorian era, and immerse themselves in Canadian history, from the comfort of their own rooms.

In the Canadian capital, you can find low costAccommodation options in hostels, where each guest will take 25 to $ 40 per night. This is an excellent option for students who come to get acquainted with the Ottawa and its attractions, not to rest on the silk sheets in the luxurious rooms. One of the hostels, Ottawa Jail, has its own flavor - it is located in the building of the old city jail and saves the individual parts of interior decoration.

Overlooking the Niagara Falls

View this unique natural phenomenontourists come, rest in the United States and Canada. From the Canadian territory you can find hotels, where you can admire the waterfall, without leaving the room. Double Room for tourists will cost 140 to 220 dollars.

Although it is clear that the best in all kinds ofclose proximity to Niagara Falls. Describe the beauty and power of words is almost impossible. And anyone who has visited Niagara Falls, be sure to return here, despite the high prices in local hotels.


  • The cost of living in Canada
  • The cost of living in Canada
  • The cost of living in Canada

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