Flag of Canada: photo, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Canada

Flag of Canada

Flag of Canada

Canada is considered to be the official state flagsymbolism and looks like a rectangular red cloth, which is located in the center of the white square. Already on the square is placed figure of a maple leaf with the eleven ends. Performance length twice the width performance. The flag was found in the sixties.

There is no interpretation of the color, iftalk about this flag. There are plenty of transcripts, such as a pair of red stripes can symbolize a couple of oceans border on Canada from both sides. Due maple leaf underlines the unity of the nation.

The red coloring is the color of the cross,belonging to St. George, it is a symbol of the United Kingdom (that is, the former metropolis). The white coloring is the symbol of France (in the past it was the metropolis of Quebec). Behind and in front of the flag looks identical and bilaterally symmetric. The band, which goes in the middle, is equal to a quarter of the length of the flag. This configuration is called "Canadian post". In the middle is depicted a maple leaf that has the red coloring. This sheet is considered a symbol of the country since the eighteenth century. The maple leaf has eleven endings, but no symbols this number can not be held.

As the first Canadian flag usedGeorge Cross, which was established by Italian navigator John Cabot, who served in the British. He managed to reach the shores of Newfoundland, and then he raised the flag. Later - in the sixteenth century - explorer named Jacques Cartier from France established the French flag on the territory of the Gaspé Peninsula. This flag had a fleur-de-lis.

In the mid-nineteenth century, a newstate, called the Canadian Dominion of the British Empire and, therefore, created a new national flag. First it was the flag, previously used as a governor general of the British flag - was depicted in the middle panel, which was divided into four sections. Each section is placed drawing emblem eastern province. Shield depicted on the flag, rimmed with wreath of maple leaves. A little later he was replaced by red cloth, which also placed the British flag. In the twenties of the twentieth century, once again changed the emblem with a flag. The modern version of the Canadian flag - the tricolor with odinnadtsatikonechnym sheet was officially adopted in the sixties.

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