Food in Canada. Food prices in Canada: food

Traditional cuisine of Canada

Traditional cuisine of Canada

Food in Canada is characterized by the fact that the cost of food in different provinces and cities (the most expensive will cost you food in Toronto and Vancouver).

Food in Canada

The diet consists of food Canadians legumes, meats (roast beef, steaks, steaks), snacks (ham, cheese, seafood, smoked fish), soups, mashed potatoes, based on vegetables (pumpkin, cauliflower).

Canadians are very fond of meat (pork, beef, rabbit meat, venison) - they have it fried, boiled, baked, cooked out of it spreads, and added it to the pies and cakes as stuffing.

In Canada, it is worth trying splint (hunkbeef, slightly chipped and fried); Shawarma on Canadian manners (donair); dumplings stuffed with mushrooms, potatoes, meat or cabbage (pierogi); French fries and curd (poutine) topped with sauce; rabbit, stewed with vegetables; "Broshett fillet" (skewers of beef fillet, bacon, onions and mushrooms).

The uniqueness of the Canadian food is thatDepending on the visit to the region, you can enjoy a variety of delicacies: Manitoba - fish-zolotoglazkoy, British Columbia - dishes of salmon, Alberta - beef dishes, Nova Scotia - lobster, Quebec - French cakes and other sweets.

Where to Eat in Canada? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants serving local and international cuisine;
  • bistros and cafes.

Drinks in Canada

Popular drinks Canadians - maple syrup, beer, wine, vodka, whiskey.

If you - a lover of liquor, thenIn most Canadian provinces to buy them you can only in specialized wine shops. But it is much easier to acquire such beverages in bars, restaurants, hotels (some restaurants are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages for a nominal fee).

Beer lovers when visiting various provincescan enjoy popular in each of these varieties of beer: in Quebec - "Saint-Ambroise" in British Columbia - "Maskhed" in Nova Scotia - "Alexander Cates".

Gastronomic Tour in Canada

Going on a culinary tour of Canada, youhoused in an old hotel in the city of Alton. On this tour you can taste a variety of wines and dishes prepared according to local recipes. In addition, an experienced chef Roberto Frakchioni hold for you 2 cooking lesson.

If your goal - to learn the tricks of the culinary arts in Canada, you can receive training under the leadership of chef Philip Tarlo in Collingwood Academy.

If you do not have a great experience in toque andyou want to improve your culinary skills in this academy, you will be able to enroll in the course Cooking 101 - here you will learn basic cooking techniques and their variations.

Holidays in Canada - is not only the beaches, nightlife, sightseeing, suggesting sightseeing, but also an interesting gastronomic journey.

Photos of Canada's national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of Canada
  • Traditional cuisine of Canada
  • Traditional cuisine of Canada

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