Children's camps in Canada for the summer. Children's camps in Canada in 2015

Children's camps in Canada

Children's camps in Canada

One of the most affluent countries, Canada is considered the world. As per capita income level of the population, it is the leader among other countries.

The quality of education in Canada is on the bigAttention. The development of children's tourism is also on a high level. Quite often, parents send their children to this country, so that they learn a foreign language. But learning - this is not the main purpose of the trip. Children's camps in Canada, offer an excellent holiday for a variety of programs. Children receive new knowledge in the course of leisure activities.

In Canada uses two languages ​​- English andFrench. Therefore, there can learn any of these languages. The educational system of the country is based on the British. But learning the prices are lower than in England.

Holidays in Canada is not so popular in Russiantourists. But every year in the Canadian camp is coming more and more Russian children. To get acquainted with the culture of the country, enough to buy a summer tour in an international children's camp.

Organization of holiday camps

Many camp practice language learning. Children's holidays to be not only interesting, but also useful. Almost all of the international camp in the country is the language. Some of them accept children from 6 years. In Canada, there is also a youth camp that invite to rest only teenagers and young adults up to 23 years.

Language camps are located in cities such asVancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and others. Children are possible in a dormitory at the camp or in Canadian families. To a child spent a vacation at a ski resort, you can choose a tour of the camp, located in Whistler (near Vancouver).

Features camp program

Each camp is testing newly arrived children. This allows you to select individual training programs. After a series of tests to determine the child any group. Learning a foreign language takes place at certain hours. This usually allocate the first half of the day. All the rest of the children have fun and play sports.

In Canada, there are sports and language camps, wherelearning a language successfully combined with active recreation. The most popular sports - hockey, golf and tennis. Sport camps in Canada constitute a unique program with the participation of professional players and coaches. To provide youth extreme sports. For example, white-water rafting, windsurfing and others. In the country there are centers for adolescents who require temporary accommodation in tents. Usually the first part of the summer recreation program is carried out on the territory of the camp. Another part is carried out in field conditions.

Photos of children's camps in Canada

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