The population of Canada. Population in Canada: features, weight, composition

Canadian Population

Canadian Population

The population in Canada is more than 32 million people.
National composition:

  • Canadians (40%);
  • British (20%);
  • French (16%);
  • Scots (14%);
  • other nations (10%).

Canada is a sparsely populated country - on 1 km2 live on average 2.5 people.
The general population of Canada, despite the fact that the country has a vast territory and a large area, living in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal (at 160 km from the US border).
English more than half of Canadians(English is spoken in Toronto, in the western and central part of the country) is a native part of the population speaks French (all French-speaking people live in Montreal and Quebec City).
Among Canadians there are Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists.
Canada - a country of immigrants who comehere from all over the world throughout the history of the country, and bring with them their culture, traditions and customs. The state, in turn, supports multiculturalism, therefore, holding various festivals of the Scots, French, Chinese and Portuguese in the streets and parks of the city - not a rarity.

life expectancy

Men on average live to 75, and women - 82 years.
Canada - healthy country in the world: this is due to low mortality among infants, low air pollution, low-prevalence diseases, high density of doctors per 1000 people.
In addition, Canadians are 3 times less smoke than the Greeks and Russians and 2 times less than the drinking of alcoholic beverages, for example, than the Czechs.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Canada

In Canada, like holidays, which are divided intoreligious and political. As a rule, all the holidays - a working day except Christmas and Easter. The most favorite holiday of Canadians is Canada Day (July 1), Labour Day (September) and Thanksgiving (October).
Gifts in Canada decided to give only in specialoccasions (birthday, wedding, Christmas). And the most expensive gifts to bestow the newlyweds accepted. As for the rest of the time, it decided to give such gifts to nowhere not obliged to bestow rights. This is categorically not to give gifts, so it's heads - it is apprehended as a bribe.
Canadians - law-abiding citizens, so declare to the authorities of violations or neighbor living beyond their means - a common practice.
Residents of Canada are very careful to nature (from a base to the guests, they expect the same), and to their health (many do not smoke, and besides smoking in public places is not allowed).
Canadians are very punctual people, so if youassign them to a meeting and be late, be prepared for the fact that after 10-15 minutes of their patience will snap (you will have no one to wait) - about you will develop is not the impression of partiality, and you will earn a reputation as not a serious person.


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