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Railways Canada

Railways Canada

Railways Canada form branchednetwork, although they do not cover the entire country. Small population size has an impact on the development of the railway sector. Trains in this state are very popular among tourists. The high cost of tickets is quite compensated by excellent service. The monopoly on the rail system owned government corporation Via Rail Canada. For information on pricing and routes can be found on the website of the organization: www.viarail.ca.

Main routes

F / d paths cross Canadian territory fromThe Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. It can be reached by train in areas away from the center. The railway network is not developed in the northern part of the country. Passenger traffic on routes occur Gaspe - Quebec - Toronto - Calgary - Vancouver. From the main road there are branches leading to Musoni and Edmonton. The railway locomotive fleet of the country are mainly diesel locomotives with electric transmission. Most of the diesel trains manufactured by the company "Bombardier". Recently, the company was engaged in the issue of new Zefiro high-speed train. Canadian railways are unclear, there are frequent delays.

Traveling by train is often robsa lot more time than a trip by plane or bus. The reason is the enormous distances. For example, from Montreal to Vancouver, you can take the train for 80 hours.

In Canada, there are three main railwayroute, which goes from west to east: «The Canadian» - red line, «The Ocean» - Blue Line, as well as «The Corridor» - blue branch. They have several branches. Every week on Canadian territory runs of at least 400 compounds. The longest route is Vancouver - Toronto. There are places where there are no roads, but paved tracks. You can get there only by train. F / A company Via Rail Canada serves international and domestic routes. Transportation occur in the western and eastern parts of Canada. As a rule, these are short routes that ply comfortable trains.

Tourist lines

Rail transport - a sphereactivity VIA not only the organization but also other small companies. There are lines that are designed specifically for tourists. They allow you to see the best places in Canada, passing by them in comfortable cars. A particular demand for seats in trains Line Algoma Central Railway, running between Sault Ste Marie and Hearst. A novelty in the railway sector of the country are the Ocean train started to discover fans. They are equipped with innovative technology, which opens up many possibilities travelers.


  • Railways Canada
  • Railways Canada

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