The suburbs of Vancouver - a photo, what to see

The suburbs of Vancouver

The suburbs of Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada is among the top ten mostdensely populated metropolises of North America. In the metropolitan area is home to around 2.5 million people and the center and the suburbs of Vancouver united in the so-called Metro Vansouver - Regional Council of 24 municipalities.

Green province

Located in the province of British Columbia,Vancouver is famous for its national parks, where prefer to rest thousands of its residents and visitors. In the suburbs of Vancouver offers excellent conditions for a weekend or a holiday in nature, which is protected by special laws in Canada:

  • Lynn Canyon Park is suitable for family holidays. Here you can select one of the many specially equipped trails for walking or enjoy a picnic overlooking the Rocky Mountains. Great photos of the surrounding landscapes are obtained from a suspension bridge that sways above the gorge at a height of 50 meters.
  • Mount Seymour takes a mountainous territory with a hundredbeautiful lakes and waterfalls of the net. Tourists can rent a bicycle or take a ride, but in the winter in this suburb of Vancouver have the opportunity to go skiing or go for a walk on snowshoes. Climbers love Mount Seymour for peaks and snowboarders - for untouched virgin snow where there is a chance to fly with a breeze with high slope.
  • Address of the highest waterfall in Canada -Strathcona National Park. Dell is among the ten highest in the world - its pristine waterfalls cascading from the 440 meters and the glacier fed waters. In lakes of the park is found rainbow trout and hiking trails lie among alpine meadows and snow-capped peaks.

City hundreds of festivals

Coquitlam - a suburb of Vancouver, the famousits festivals. Every year in this city, called the cultural capital of Canada, it is held up to a hundred different colorful and exciting activities that attract visitors from all over the continent.
At the Highland Games Scottish fans goingculture. As part of the festival are the Pipe Band, Highland dancers, held sports competitions and exhibitions. Pushing the stone and throwing logs, tossing a bag of hay and a tug of war - it is only a fraction of the bright and colorful events in the Highlanders Games.
And the suburbs of Vancouver is famous Parade of teddy bears, competitions in fishing and the Festival of Trees.


  • The suburbs of Vancouver
  • The suburbs of Vancouver
  • The suburbs of Vancouver

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