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Canadian Tradition

Canadian Tradition

This North American country is populatedgradually, and come from many different countries. Because of this tradition in Canada is based on multiculturalism, which strongly welcomes the government and Canadians. Toronto even a monument in honor of the policy aimed at the preservation and development of traditions of different peoples within the borders of one state.

Two in one country language

The second largest country on the political mapthe world has its origin in a small French colony, based on the site of modern Quebec. Here, in 1534, explorer Jacques Cartier landed, which Canadians believe today founding father. In the province of Quebec as the main adopted the French language, and the old districts of Montreal sometimes subtly reminiscent of the Parisian suburbs.
Local residents prefer coffee with croissants onbreakfast in the bakery sold French baguettes, and in the palaces of Art regularly hosts national music festivals and theater performances take place on the banks of the Seine.
English Canada - a set of traditionsBritish with a modern twist. By the way, Her Majesty in Toronto and other cities in the English-speaking provinces is no less authority than in London or Manchester.

Paradoxes and rules

For visitors from the European tradition of Canada is unlikely to seem particularly exotic.

  • It is not made to push, and to violate personal space, but the greeting, entering the room, on the other hand, are used to all.
  • Smoking in the streets and in restaurants is prohibited or not welcome, since the vast majority of the local population has no bad habits.
  • For residents of any city in the nature of Canada - is sacred, but because here no one litter, do not break trees and leaves no picnic traces of their stay.
  • Getting around the vast Canadian territorybest done on airplanes. Air is developed much better than rail transport. In almost any city or national park has its own airport.
  • Do not even try to drive a car withoutdriver's license and insurance - the traditions of Canada and its laws provide for heavy fines for such experiments. The same applies to driving a vehicle while intoxicated.
  • The country is not allowed to bring food, and therefore prior to the passage of Customs should carefully check all bags and suitcases for banned.


  • Canadian Tradition
  • Canadian Tradition

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