Cruises on the Caribbean islands - cruises

Cruises on the Caribbean islands

Cruises on the Caribbean islands

Even the most inveterate skeptics and not couch potatoessuccumb to the possibility of a trip to the most beautiful sea in the world. Cruises on the Caribbean islands occupy in the list of the most popular tourist destinations constant first place.

the poet's dream

For a description of the Caribbean beauty bestsuitable poetic lines - so amazing and attractive world of paradise islands, drifting in the waves of turquoise shades. Participants cruises in the Caribbean can enjoy the bright sun, diving and snorkeling, sunbathing on the deck of a modern cruise ship, or on the white sand of the best beaches in the western hemisphere. The travel program has always included tours of the city and capital, whose architecture is a delight and admiration.
Islands of the Caribbean Sea for the most partIt was discovered during the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. Today, even the names of many of them cause a thrill and a fabulous association. During the cruises in the Caribbean has a chance to get acquainted with the culture and characteristics of the local inhabitants:

  • Wander through the streets of Old Havana and experience the spiritfreedom, which gave the unofficial name of the island of Cuba. Among the important things - tasting the local rum and cigars buy as a souvenir for friends and colleagues.
  • Dive into the rhythms of reggae in Jamaica,where the most favorite colors in the clothes were and still are green, yellow and red - and because of the bright tropical environment, and in honor of their memory so who loved Bob Marley.
  • Find out what the brand produces Guadeloupe, which was told in childhood books about travel.
  • Participate in one of the many music festivals in Barbados, where the singer Rihanna was born.

Divers on a note

Particularly attractive for Caribbean cruisesthe island is for fans of diving. Belize Reef - one of the largest on the planet, and its fauna is diverse and unique. Traveling on a cruise ship gives you the opportunity to dive among the beautiful reefs and feel at one with nature. This option is much cheaper vacation than a vacation in a hotel on the beach, and comfortable accommodation in a cabin of a cruise ship is different for the better, even compared with expensive hotels.
The proximity of the islands to each other allows for the voyage to visit several countries, and because the collection of impressions from participation in this journey turns impressive and diverse.

Photo cruises in the Caribbean islands

  • Cruises on the Caribbean islands
  • Cruises on the Caribbean islands

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