Resorts of the Caribbean: photos, description

Resorts Caribbean

Resorts Caribbean

Once called the Caribbean West Indies in memory ofthat the legendary Columbus and did not try to discover America, sail in a westerly direction. Located in the Caribbean Sea off the southeast coast of the North American continent, the dance of the islands includes the Greater and Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas. Numerous coves on the islands are a convenient harbor and its famous beaches - the subject of dreams of any traveler, tired of the gloomy gray slushy offseason routine. All resorts of the Caribbean islands, regardless of visa characteristics, the difference in the cost of hotels or the presence or absence of infrastructure combines a great climate, gorgeous scenery and wonderful hospitality of local people - gay and cheerful people who are accustomed to live and dance at the same time.

Only delight

Arguments against the flight to the resorts of the Caribbeanislands seem convincing even skeptics. The long flight will be an exciting adventure in good company on board a modern ship, and special ticket prices at the time of the shares held by airlines, allow to visit exotic islands without breaking the weighty dent in the family budget.
But the advantages of such a trip is hard to describe even the whole guide:

  • The tropical climate - it's a chance to fly on holidayat any time of the year and get warm sea and hot sun, ripe fruit and a luxury service, rich ekskursionku and opportunities for all the entertainment on land, on water and under water.
  • For entry to the most popular resortsCaribbean visa for Russian citizens is not required, and therefore Cuba or Jamaica, Barbados or Grenada free to open the doors to all the airports, who want to set foot on the sand of their magnificent beaches.
  • The resorts of the Caribbean, you can choose any vacation - so all the islands are different, and their infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of all categories of guests.

Pirates, cigars and rum

Once the islands were famous for in the Caribbeanall over the world thanks to these three exotic components. Today the sea gentlemen of fortune do not represent Guest Resort include a no-brainer, but the rum and cigars, as before, in these parts the best. When choosing what to bring home the remaining friends, pay attention to the Cuban or Dominican rum and cigars. Attributes relaxing vacation on the white beaches for a long time will remind you of the most beautiful vacation of your life.


  • Resorts Caribbean
  • Resorts Caribbean

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