How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow? Time of flight Nalchik - Moscow

How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow?

How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow?

On vacation in Nalchik, you can see the CathedralMosque, Memorial Arch of Friendship and the church of Mary Magdalene, go to the gills Adil-Su and Baksan, visit the mountaineering-hunting Museum of Vysotsky, horse walk along the ancient Silk Road and on a lake Chegemskaya gorge, stroll through Atazhukinskomu garden, have fun in the night club "Dacha", "Marmalade" and "Vegas"? And in the next few days you are going to fly home?

How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow (direct flight)?

1400 km - the distance between the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria and Moscow (this way will be overcome in 2.5 hours). For example, with "Utair" take you to the "Vnukovo" for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Airfare Nalchik-Moscow varies between 4100-6200 rubles (their attractive prices please buyers in May).

Nalchik-Moscow flight with connections

Adler is a popular urban connections,Riga, Murmansk, Berlin and others. Making stops in St. Petersburg ( "Red Wings", "Utair") you spend in the air for more than 5 hours (on the dock will be allocated 5.5 hours), Adler ( "Utair", "Yakutia") - about 6 hours ( between flights you will be given a break 3:00), Murmansk ( "Utair", "Aeroflot") - about 7 hours (2 flight will be announced after 4 h after 1 take-off), Riga ( "Utair", "Transaero") - 6:00 (between flights will break 8 hours).

Choose a carrier

To get to the house you can with the following companies, went up on board the Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737 and other aircraft: "Red Wings"; "Utair"; "Taimyr Airlines"; "Transaero".

Check-in Nalchik-Moscow carried outat the airport "Nalchik" (NAL) - it is removed at 3 km from the city (take bus number 17 or bus number 24 and 17). Here travelers will be waiting for a paid VIP-hall with 2 lounges, where there is a sofa, a coffee shop-bar (you can order a variety of alcoholic drinks), Internet and television; hotel; restaurant "Oasis" (the menu is dominated by dishes of Caucasian cuisine, and pay for lunch or dinner can be in cash or by credit card); information desk (free service); Shops; department, where you can drop off your luggage; room, where they can spend time mothers with children; ATMs.

Things to do in flight?

The plane is to consider which of the relativesgive gifts, bought in Nalchik, in the form of knitted things (products made of wool of goats and sheep handmade) craft of chernoloschenoy clay and articles colored ceramics, figurines, glassware, paintings, murals, bronze or leather, daggers and knives (need a passport products), dried mutton, halva.


  • How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Nalchik to Moscow?

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