How to fly from Stavropol to Moscow? Flight time Stavropol - Moscow

How to fly from Stavropol to Moscow?

How to fly from Stavropol to Moscow?

In Stavropol, you could spend your time in the parkVictory, stand on Castle Hill and the German bridge, look at the Art Gallery Grechishkina, look at the monument "Khoperskaya tent", see the stone idols, horse trappings, bronze ware, ornaments and weapons in the Tatar settlement, parachuting, visiting the Aero Club "Stavropol" and enjoy the enchanting views of the Stavropol circus fun in paintball club "Alfa" and "Southern front", as well as nightclubs, "Russian roulette", "by Incognito" or "Retro Version"? A couple of days you will return to Moscow?

How to fly from Stavropol to Moscow (direct flight)?

Flying 1,200 km, passengers spend on theirreturn to Moscow for about 2 hours. Back home you can for 2 hours 10 minutes, if the flight is to "Donavia", or 1 hour 50 minutes, if you use "Utair" services.

If you're interested in advance airfare Stavropol-Moscow, you will know that it is 6300 rubles (in the summer and in September, ticket prices increase to 10,800 rubles).

Connection Flight Stavropol-Moscow

Cities in which connections can be made: Voronezh, Yerevan, Istanbul, St. Petersburg. If you are thinking to go to Moscow, making the transplant in Simferopol with "Yamal Airlines" and "Ural Airlines" (with the "Yamal Airlines" and "Transaero" the road to the house is only 5 hours and 40 minutes), you will spend hours on the road 23.5 ( to register for 2 flight you take the time to rest in the form of 18.5 hours), in Istanbul "Turkish Airlines" -7 hours in Voronezh with "Aeroflot" - 12 hours (to overcome this path with "Transaero" and "Utair" you can for 10.5 hours, "S7 Airlines" - 5 hours, and with "UralAirlines" and "S7" - 8 hours).

Choose a carrier

To go back to Moscow, you will need to climbon board the Boeing 737-500, AirbusA 319, a Boeing 737-400 or another aircraft, which is owned by the following companies: "Utair"; "Ural Airlines"; "Transaero"; "S7 Airlines".

Go check in Stavropol-Moscow youShpakovskoye offer Airport (STW), a remote 12 km from the city (you can take a minibus number 120). Here you can sit in the waiting room, to spend time in the room mother and child, to satisfy hunger in the cafe, to get books and magazines in the appropriate kiosk, luggage storage chamber. Important: if necessary, you can refer to the "S7 Airlines" airline representative to order such service as "flying letters" (a letter will be delivered within 6-8 hours, and the cost of services will affect the weight and urgency of the delivery of a specific city).

Things to do in flight?

The plane is to decide which of the relatives to givesouvenirs from Stavropol in the form of balm "Strizhament" brandies produced in Praskoveisky plant, honey, basturma, crockery, cups for drinking of mineral water, cosmetic products with the addition of Tambukansky mud figurines eagle charms-houses, made of fur scraps (they will protect the house from evil spirits).


  • How to fly from Stavropol to Moscow?

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