How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow

How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?

How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?

On Easter Island you can admirefamous stone idols (moai) and Panoramic view from the top of the volcano Rano Kao, go on a picnic in the palm grove, taste soup of sea urchins, relax on the beach coast of Anakena Bay, to take part in the celebration of the festival "Tapati" to visit the archaeological complex of Taha, see the church of Hanga Roa, stand on ceremonial site "Te Pito-te-Hen" ( "Navel of the Earth")? And now it's time to fly home?

How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?

Way home from Easter Island takes about 19 hours (Easter Island and Moscow shares 15,800 km).

Are you interested in airfare Easter Island- Moscow? Fly in this direction will cost you dearly, for example, in June of tickets sold in approximately 92200 rubles (a slight decrease in prices characteristic of February - the purchase of a ticket in this month can cost travelers to 75300 rubles).

Flight from Easter Island to Moscow with transfers

Flight to Moscow suggests the commission of transplants in Madrid, Los Angeles, Santiago, Miami, Frankfurt, New York and other cities (including docking, on the road, you can spend 1-2 days).

The duration of the flight depends on thehow much time to allocate to dock one or another airline to its customers. If we talk about the exemplary figures of hours, then made a stop in Madrid and Santiago ( "Iberia", "Lan Airlines"), you will spend on the road for at least 24 hours in Paris and Santiago ( "Air France", "Lan Airlines") - at least 23 hours in Amsterdam and Santiago ( "KLM", "Lan Airlines") - not less than 35 hours, in Frankfurt am Main ( "Lan Airlines", "Lufthansa") - not less than 28 hours.

Selection of an air carrier

To Moscow fly Airbus Industrie A 319, Boeing767-300 ER, Airbus A 340-600 and other aircraft that are registered for the following companies (as a rule, in the period spanning December to March, made on 1 flight per week, while in the other months - 2 flights weekly): "Transaero"; "Iberia"; "United Airlines"; "Air France".

Fly to Easter Island travelersoffer from airport Mataveri International Airport (IPC). Before leaving for the airport, you can stay in the waiting room, a snack bar or restaurant, get souvenirs in the gift shop.

Things to do on board?

The duration of the flight and allows you to sleepfinally decide to whom to present souvenirs to Easter Island in the form of wool and leather, idols of various sizes (from figurines, which can easily fit in your pocket, to idols, reaching a length of 2-3 meters), hats, beautiful beads and necklaces, painted shoes.


  • How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Easter Island to Moscow?

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