Kitchen Chile photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Chile

Chile Kitchen

Chile Kitchen

Chile Kitchen - is not just a combination of recipes of indigenous peoples: it was influenced also the culinary traditions of Croatia, Spain, France and some Middle Eastern countries.

National cuisine of Chile

The main ingredients of the Chilean cuisineserve seafood (oysters, crabs, mussels, Locos - white clams), fish (tuna, salmon, sea bass), meat (lamb is at a premium - Chileans like to cook the meat on a spit over a fire), vegetables. From condiments widespread Pebre - for its preparation using tomatoes, cilantro, red pepper paste, pepper aji, onion.

Signature dish in the south of Chile, especially in thePatagonia are centolla (dish of crab) and Corderoal Palo (roasted lamb), on the island of Chiloe and Easter - curanto (fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and sweet potatoes wrapped in banana leaves). And, for example, near the city of Temuco travelers will be able to taste the cuisine of the Mapuche people, the dishes which are prepared with soft orange mushroom and pine nuts the size of a pine nut.

Popular dishes Chilean cuisine:

  • "Empanada" (pancake stuffed with vegetables, meat or cheese, which is either fried or baked);
  • "Pailamarina" (traditional soup based on seafood and fish, flavored with coriander, garlic, onion and other spices);
  • "Cazuela" (a dish of stewed meat and vegetables);
  • "Manchas-a-la-parmesan" (mussels baked with cheese);
  • "Porotos Granados" (stew of corn, vegetables, beans and basil).

Where to try the national cuisine?

While vacationing in Santiago, tourists can feasttreats seafood, which are called here "mariskos", including such exotic dishes such as soup of sea urchins. National kitchen in Santiago can be enjoyed large portions served at the restaurant "La Casa Vieja" (try here are the Chilean dishes like cake crab, pork roll, corn cake) or "Dona Tina" (in the restaurant created a homely atmosphere, and at the weekend guests are pleased with live music).

In Valparaiso restaurant menu is mainly dominated by fish and meat dishes, so relaxing here, is to satisfy hunger Chilean dishes in the restaurant "Cerro Concepcion" (average score - $ 25-45).

Cooking Courses in Chile

If you want to learn how to prepare Chilean dishes such as seafood, you are invited on a culinary master class at the restaurant El Galion Mercado Central.

In Chile, you can come in April, when in SantiagoCulinary Festival held Nam (famous chefs will hold master classes in power you will enjoy a gala dinner establishments, and you can get the natural local products to Nam Mercado market, if desired).


  • Chile Kitchen
  • Chile Kitchen
  • Chile Kitchen

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