Wines of Chile - red, dry white. The best wines of Chile

Wines of Chile

Wines of Chile

Far South American country of Chile - oneof the few on the continent, whose wines are competitive in relation to the European. Fundamentals of the wine industry here were laid out in the XVI century by the Spanish, and then on the continent were present and French grape varieties.
It collapsed in the XIX century in the Old World epidemicphylloxera nearly destroyed European vineyards. Agriculture of Chile was not damaged by the pest, and the country remained a French vine was not graft local varieties. It is possible to obtain wines of Chile decent quality, which led to the popularization of these drinks in the world. Experts talk about this, "the Chilean boom" in the late '90s, when the volume of exports of Chilean wine increased by 20 times over a couple of years.

Geographical benefits

Chile referred to the state in which there areunique opportunities for the production of wines. The diversity of soil and climatic conditions for growing a variety of grapes and producing wines are a lot of very different strength and taste. Immunity vineyards natural barriers in the form of mountains and desert nature helps to maintain the natural climate in the plantations, mountainous and hilly terrain provides an ideal aging around the abundance of Chilean grapes. No less contribution to the development of the industry makes the state that supports agriculture and stimulating the inflow of foreign investment into the country.

Features varieties

Chilean wines have individual characteristics that allow them to know the true connoisseurs among dozens of similar easily:

  • In Chile unseasoned wines present a rich varietal aroma, characterized by particularly deep. Notes berries and tropical fruits are mandatory in red Merlot and Cabernet.
  • The taste of Chilean wines, on the other hand, there is noa vivid manifestation of the character, which is explained not too lengthy process of aging. Wine does not have time to soak up the flavor drum as is bottled.

Chilean wines are marketed reached optimum maturity, and therefore they should not be stored for years and, preferably, have a drink in a couple of years after purchase.

Three categories

All the wines of Chile are divided into three categories,belonging to each of which becomes clear after studying the labels. Table wines do not contain any references to it on the grape variety, or of a region where the wine is produced. Wines with uncontrolled place of origin only contain information about the type of grape, year of harvesting and the manufacturer. In the most expensive label informs about the type of data, place the filling, the year of harvest and winery name.


  • Wines of Chile
  • Wines of Chile

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