The capital of Costa Rica: map, photo. What is the capital of Costa Rica?

San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica

San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica

The fabulous city of San Jose, the capital of brightCosta Rica, likes to surprise guests from overseas countries. First, if you look at the map, you can see that the state is the main town in the heart, and at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Urban neighborhoods occupy the plateau, virtually anywhere in the city with beautiful views of the mountains and the valley.

Secondly, urban development is characterized,as experts say, expressive architecture and colorful landscapes. Third, the city residents tuned loyal to the traditions, ceremonies, national, respecting the close and distant neighbors and guests.

Such a different life

San Jose, this wonderful city, knows howTravelers need to take and how to entertain them. Developed hotel network, and you can find the class "luxury" rooms, and decent options in hotels, having from 1 * to 3 *. The cheapest are in close proximity to the local airport, this is understandable - people they stop for one night, to fly further. You can find decent accommodation in 4 * hotels, but here, on the territory, offered: sports bars; GYM's; restaurants; jacuzzi.

Cute bonus in separate hotels - luxurynatural landscapes, open the window of the hotel, for example, the views of the volcano Irazu. Feel the romance of distant lands can be, settled in the classic hacienda - house, built in the colonial style. These hotels are located in the vicinity of San Jose, right on the coffee plantations.

Sights of the capital of Costa Rica

Come to San Jose and did not go to the museum ... Many tourists say that this is blasphemy, because such treasures, which are stored in them can not be seen anywhere else in the world. Particularly impressive is the Gold Museum, the mere name of it says a lot. The most important treasure - gold items, and they are much older than Columbus and his expedition. Age some of them dates back to scientists in 1500 BC. e.

No less valuable, and as old ageDecorations are made by ancient goldsmiths of jade. They can be seen in the jade museum. In addition, here are demonstrated products from bone, pottery, surprising skill finishes and decor.

Among other entertainment, tourists often chooseExotic occupations - familiarity with the local volcanoes, located in the outskirts of the capital, a visit to the Butterfly Farm and the rest on the coffee plantations.


  • San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica
  • San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica
  • San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica

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