Islands of Costa Rica: a photo. Popular Island of Costa Rica

Islands of Costa Rica

Islands of Costa Rica

located in a small Central AmericaState Costa Rica. Its eastern coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea, and south-west - the Pacific Ocean. The country is bordered by the Republic of Panama and Nicaragua. Its coastline stretches for 1290 km. The islands are uninhabited Costa Rica.

Geographic information

In the Pacific Ocean is one of the most beautifulland areas on the planet - Cocos Island. He was removed from the country on the coast 550 km. The area of ​​this island is 24 square meters. km. It is the largest uninhabited island in the world. Its territory is completely covered with jungle. The island was chosen by divers, as the coastal waters of different crystal clarity. Exotic Coconut on-busy in tropical forests, and the sea bottom has a wildly growing algae. The nature of the land area protected by the state. Coconut is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Desert island states consideredand Los Paharos, Uvita and Negritos. Costa Rica occupies the Central American isthmus. Its territory from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean can be crossed by car in a few hours. Landscapes of the country are striking in their beauty. There are green valleys, active volcanoes, mountains and beaches. Flora and fauna is very diverse. Rainforests of Costa Rica are full of exotic plants. More than half of the country's territory is covered by forests. Among the plants have valuable trees: ebony, red, balsa and others.

Among the islands of Costa Rica stands out Uvita. It is a desert, a small area of ​​land in the Caribbean. Its territory is occupied by the jungle. From the coast of the country it is removed by 3 km. Tropical island belongs to the city of Puerto Limon, however, it is just across the strait from him.

Brief description of Costa Rica

Among the Central American countryIt ranked second in terms of life after Panama. Despite its geographical location, Costa Rica is a country with a predominance of the "white" population. Locals are also mestizos, mulattos, Indians, negros and Asians. The official language is Spanish.

Previously, the land of Costa Rica was inhabited by Huetar thatafter the conquest have disappeared completely. The main city of the state is in San Jose, where about 288 thousand people. Costa Rica - a neutral state, the only one in America, which refused from the army. Power function there is the police.

Climatic features

Islands of Costa Rica are in the areasubequatorial climate. The average temperature on the plateau of 25 degrees. In the mountains, the temperature sometimes drops to 10 degrees. On the coast and in the lowlands during the day the temperature reaches 33 degrees. The country falls a lot of rainfall. Rainfall on the Caribbean and Pacific coast are constantly going from late spring to November. The dry season begins in May and ends in August.


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  • Islands of Costa Rica
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