How to fly from Paphos to Moscow? Time of flight Paphos - Moscow

How to fly from Paphos to Moscow?

How to fly from Paphos to Moscow?

In Paphos you could relax on the beach PaphosMunicipal then, have fun in the water park "Aphrodite" and night club "Paradise Place", to admire the mosaics in the temple of Dionysus, go to concerts and various representations, arranged in the ancient Odeon Theatre, see complex "royal tomb", to play golf in the golf center " Elea Golf ", go to the fishing village of Latchi, the Akamas nature reserve and the catacombs of St. Solomon, as well as to taste various wines at the winery tour" KoliosWinery "? And now is the time to return to Moscow?

How to fly from Paphos to Moscow (direct flight)?

Paphos and Moscow separates almost 2,400 km. This means that the road will take about 4 hours to home. For example, with "Transaero" take you to the house for 3.5 hours (landings will be made in "Vnukovo") and with "S7" - 4 hours (landing in "Domodedovo").

If you are interested in buying tickets Paphos-Moscow, then you should know that in July, April and August, they will cost you 15600-17100 rubles.

Paphos-Moscow flight with transfers

Connecting Flights involves the commission stops in Vienna, Berlin, London, Athens, Helsinki and other cities (such flights lasting at least 10 hours).

For example, a flight to the Russian capital throughVienna and Sofia ( "Bulgaria Air") takes 10.5 hours (waiting - 4 hours) via Vienna ( "Niki") - 25 hours (in anticipation of joining you will spend 18.5 hours), via Athens ( "Aegean Airlines" ) - 22 hours (waiting dock - 17 hours), via Helsinki ( "Finnair") -29 hours (wait for transplantation into 2 plane you 22.5 hours).

Selection of the airline

From Paphos to Moscow can fly on Boeing767-300, Sukhoi Super Jet SU 100-95, Airbus A 330, Boeing 747-700 Mixed Configuration, Embraer 190 and other airplanes owned by the following carriers: "Transaero"; "Easy Jet"; "KLM"; "Wizz Air"; "Smart Wings".

For service flights Paphos-Moscow respondsPaphos Airport (PFO), remote from the town center is 6 km (here go buses number 613 and 612). While waiting for departure home, travelers can stay in the VIP-lounge, a snack at one of the cafes, stroll through the duty-free shops, as well as to visit the medical center and bank branch if necessary. As for travelers with children, for them there is provided a room mother and child.

What to do in an airplane?

During the flight is to decide how to not deprivethe attention of many friends and acquaintances, and to decide which of them will get souvenirs purchased in Paphos, in the form of olive oil and soap, the Cypriot wines "St. Panteleimon "and" Commandaria ", pottery masterpieces, halloumi cheese, handbags and wallets leather products with embroidery lefkaritika, wicker baskets, silverware.


  • How to fly from Paphos to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Paphos to Moscow?

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