Holidays in Cyprus in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Cyprus in August

Holidays in Cyprus in August

Holidays in Cyprus in August

This amazing island, which took place in the heartMediterranean, ready to reveal the secrets of the beauty of every tourist to cross the border. For it is in these places was born from the sea foam beautiful Aphrodite. A manly half of humanity here, in Cyprus, will be able to master the jet skis or diving, and even take part in a great beer festival.

Holidays in Cyprus in August will give a sense of the eternalholiday bliss and bliss under high blue sky among the gentle sea waves. Due to the high temperature should be careful, noon is best to avoid walking on the beach or sunbathing.

Weather in July

August hot season continues cloudless weatherin the absence of rainfall, for that we loved and respected by thousands of tourists vacationing at this time on the island. Cooler all (so to speak) in Paphos, where +27 ° C, the rest of the average of +31 ° C. Bathing does not bring the expected cool, because the temperature of the water is almost at the same levels, +30 ° C.

Feast of the Assumption in Cyprus

As in the Christian world, this holiday -one of the main. Cyprus him special treatment, in order to enable local residents to its worthy to note, even declared a holiday. Very beautiful and touching spectacle is a religious procession, while it is taken out of the Holy Virgin Shroud, services are held in all the churches of Cyprus.

Give, Limassol!

In August, the famous Cyprus resort cityIt is again in the spotlight. The reason for that - the wine festival, which is organized every year, and already has its loyal "customers." The wine, which is almost a sacred drink since ancient times, is still held in high esteem and respect in Cyprus. Here he was able to do and praise, with wine recipes kept a closely guarded secret, but openly fun, generous, in a big way.

Festival activities continue not oneday and wear the national colors, here there are only local winemakers and wines of Cyprus. The participants are residents of the country and numerous guests, who do not miss an opportunity to free tasting (held from 20.00 to 23.00), as well as participate in the cooking process.

The most fun part of the festival, when the tourists andlocals, rolled up trouser legs, in large wooden barrels feet pressed grapes of the new harvest. Under the incendiary national motifs make it even more fun.

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in August
  • Holidays in Cyprus in August

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