Holidays in Cyprus in December: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Cyprus in December

Holidays in Cyprus in December

Holidays in Cyprus in December

In December, Cyprus is not the winter weather, but by no means old. What are its features, you can mention?

  • Sun happy for 5-6 hours a day. In December, maybe eight days of sunshine.
  • Precipitation is impossible to predict. The probability is high frequent rains, as it was in the first month of winter has to the maximum amount of rainfall in the year. Most "gets" pathos, in which 13 days can be rainy. At the same time, it is at this resort recorded the highest temperature level. During the day it can reach + 19C, and sometimes + 22C. At night colder to + 10C.
  • In Ayia Napa precipitation is marked by only one-third of the month. However, the weather is cooler than in Paphos. Day temperature may be about + 18C, at night + 9C.
  • In coastal cities, located on the westCyprus, the weather is not as comfortable as we would like. Daily temperature ranges from + 9-17C. In December can be wet to twelve days. It should prepare for the fact that the rains are intense.
  • Nicosia is not happy warm tourists, because the day is + 16C, and at night + 7C.

Holidays and festivals

While on vacation in Cyprus in December, you canvisit the many Christmas markets. Most large-scale fair is held in Limassol and lasts 19 days. During this time, the fifty events, each of which is truly interesting. Christmas Fair in Limassol is one of the best, because it is based on the observance of the ancient traditions, and allows you to enjoy the festive atmosphere. All people have the opportunity to try the roasted chestnuts, sausages and grilled ginger gingerbread muffins. At the fair you can buy wooden toys created by talented artisans. Dozens of wooden houses, chalets, each of which attracts special attention an interesting and varied products ... Musical entertainment for people of all ages, an unusual presentation. The whole area is decorated with light installations, garlands and Christmas decorations. You are required to attend the fair in Limassol!

Since December 23 starts preparing for the New Year. December 31 - it is a holiday that allows you to see the best of musical shows, listen to Christmas songs. Guests must-try delicacies and drink strong drinks, prepared according to old recipes. At midnight the sky fireworks effectively blooming great beauty.

In December, the Cyprus you can spend a fabulous vacation!

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in December
  • Holidays in Cyprus in December

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