Holidays in Cyprus in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Cyprus in November

Holidays in Cyprus in November

Holidays in Cyprus in November

It is known that almost any working oracademic year lasts for a long time, and sometimes even boring, and therefore really want to finish it with dignity: fully with fresh energy and inspiration for new achievements. Many people choose summer vacation - but summer is good in and of itself, does not necessarily leave the familiar edges and sent overseas to unforgettable rest. And with the onset of autumn cold dream of rest and relaxation are becoming more and more relevant, all the more so when the window raging storm and the icy wind and wet weather does not come out.

When not in such moments to remember abouta wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of days at the amazing exotic beaches, admiring the warm sea and listening to the gentle surf ... Holidays in Cyprus in November - this is one of those unique chance, which simply can not be used at the slightest available opportunity.

What can be seen in Cyprus in November? Cyprus in November - it's colorful nature flowering grasses and bright. This combination will not leave anyone indifferent. Weather Day is + 22, and the water warms up to + 21. Often it rains. For those who rely on it is a sultry beach holiday, this may not be ideal, however, Cyprus November allows to get a great tan and swim in the relatively warm waters of the Mediterranean. Vacationing in Cyprus in November convenient by the fact that the cost of permits at this time is largely reduced.

What awaits the tourists to Cyprus in November?

  • Various attractions, excursions (which will be even more comfortable in November than during the sultry summer heat!).
  • Entertainment programs (shows, discos, bars, etc.).
  • Interesting scenic walks (eg, cycling beneficial to health).
  • Excellent cuisine at local restaurants (including - juicy exotic fruits, jams, etc.).

Among the resort towns of Cyprus, suitable for travelers, famous places such as:

  • Paphos (ancient capital of Cyprus in Roman times).
  • Limassol (the largest resort in Cyprus).
  • Larnaca (Cyprus is the third largest city).
  • Ayia Napa (famous for its golden beaches).
  • Nicosia (the capital) and many others.

In a word, Cyprus in November - a real treat for connoisseurs of quality and affordable vacation.

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in November
  • Holidays in Cyprus in November

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