Rent a car in Cyprus. Rent a car in Cyprus - prices

Rent a Car in Cyprus

Rent a Car in Cyprus

To rent a car in Cyprus, agethe driver must be at least 25 years of age and not older than 70 years. Driving experience must be at least three years. However, some private car rental companies can provide and 18-year-old driver, if he has a two-year driving experience. But can ask a premium. Here you will need a credit card, which will block about 200-300 euros. We also need a driver's license and passport. With regard to rights, the fit and domestic, but IDPs - is preferable.

When it comes to renting cars on the searesorts, the cost to them will be different. In Larnaca, for example, it will be lower, and in the Ayia Napa - higher even though these places are quite close to each other.

When you travel alone, you canI ask you to drive the car directly to the airport. But if you fly on a vacation voucher, so even with the paid transfer, the machine will have to be ordered directly at the resort. Sometimes it turns out that in this case for two days pay for a three.

The beaches and attractions Cyprus

Cyprus - a typical destination for a beachrecreation. It has unique "chips" at the same time dispenses with large defects. Sometimes just "bite" prices. On the island itself is quite mild climate, good service in hotels and beaches are shining clean, with a lot of "Blue Flag". Tours to Cyprus gained well-deserved popularity among tourists.

Near Paphos is a place where, according to the oldlegend, Aphrodite amused with her lover - the god Dionysus, and other men of the pantheon of gods. This itself will manage the pool is only accessible on foot. The water in the pool this, according to the legend, gives man eternal youth. No check or refute this statement you do not succeed, because swimming is banned. Just hands and feet can moisten. But from the bath to the Fountain of Love leads the path. These hiking trails completely free. A visit to the lake and the fountain will be gratuitous. And you can spend three hours or more.

Attraction other character is in theAyia Napa. This water park. It is similar to a single small country. Sustain it in the style of ancient Greek myths and legends. Here there is a Trojan Horse and Atlantis. All the scary terrible Hydra. Bored here is unreal, but to burn in the sun is very simple, you have to hide in the shade or in the water, so it does not happen.

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  • Rent a Car in Cyprus
  • Rent a Car in Cyprus

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