Water parks in Protaras - photos, price, description

Water parks in Protaras

Water parks in Protaras

Protaras is able to please their guests from the entertainment presence, in particular, a small water park, located near the hotel "Smartline Protaras" (former hotel "Paschalia").

Water parks in Protaras

Water park "Fun Park Waterpark" features:

  • "Lazy river," pools, in particular, large and children;
  • 11 water slides;
  • sun loungers, where you can stay in to relax and soak up the sun;
  • cafe and gift shop.

Prices: 1 Active adults will cost 17 euros, and children 3-11 years - 10 euros.

You may want to visit another water park- "Anastasia Aquamania" (it is located next to the hotel "Anastasia Beach"): the cost of adult admission ticket - 14 euros, and children (3-12 years) - 7 euros.

Water Activities in Protaras

You do not mind to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool? Pay attention to the "Palm Village Villas", "Capo Bay Hotel", "Vangelis Hotel Apartments" and the other hotels.

On holiday in Protaras is a look at the OceanAquarium - the oceanic aquarium visitors will be able to "communicate" with the crocodiles and alligators (caiman, Nile, Siamese), sea turtles, penguins Blackfeet, clown fish, piranhas, eels, crabs, as well as exotic birds. Adults can enter here, paying 13 euros and children - 7 euros.

Beach lovers should head to the beachFlamingo Beach - here you can go paragliding for boating, banana boating or water skiing. Because of the shallow sea, clean water and the lack of rocky slopes, where it is recommended to rest for tourists with children. And as in the waters of this beach cruising pleasure steamers in a pirate ship and tour the ship with a transparent bottom, do not deny yourself the pleasure to use their services (prices for cruises ranging from 10 to 40 euros), as well as the massage salon.

If you consider yourself to the divers, extreme, then you should look to the Cape Greco - here you will be able to jump into the water from a height.

Another remarkable place for tourists -Bay "Green Bay": here you can not only swim, enjoying the sandy bottom, but also to dive (there are 2 comfortable coves for diving divers) to see a variety of fish and visit the "underwater park", which are fragments of ancient amphorae, ancient statues in particular, Apollo and Aphrodite sculpture (once these sculptures here specially flooded divers). If we talk about the cost of entertainment, something for him will have to pay at least 70 euros.

An interesting RECOM (Liberty Shipwreck) divers can become a place of ship wreck Liberty.


  • Water parks in Protaras
  • Water parks in Protaras

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