Which sea to Cyprus? Sea Cyprus: photo, map

Cyprus Sea

Cyprus Sea

On the political and geographical maps of CyprusIt takes place in the eastern Mediterranean. It washes the shores of the island throughout its length and is referred to herein by the Cyprus sea. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most popular resorts among European citizens, and therefore better than all the question of what the sea washes Cyprus meet the tourists who have visited there during the holidays or vacations.

Blue flags purity

For advanced travel concept"Blue Flag Certificate" means that on the beach you can sunbathe and swim without fear for the purity and sand, and water. So the places on the coast of a special environmental committee assigns the highest scores, and that Cyprus Blue Flag awarded most of the beaches. The best of them are vying for the right to be called a favorite of hundreds of thousands of tourists who annually visit the island:

  • Nissi Beach is famous for its perfectly white and clean sand.
  • Petra tou Romiou appreciate the fans of small pebbles and crystal clear water.
  • Makronisos prefer those for whom a beach holiday - and even trendy hangouts.
  • Governor's beach in Limassol - a place for parties and celebrations.
  • Beach Aphrodite's famous "rejuvenating" effect of sea water, which came from the goddess of love.

Beaches on the island are mainly municipal property, and therefore the entrance to them free of charge and free.
The water temperature in Cyprus sea happy summerSeason pleasant warmth. Already in the end of May, the water warms up to 22 degrees, by July the thermometer rises up to 26 and up to the Mid-Autumn waves are very comfortable for swimming. In the winter months the water of the sea of ​​Cyprus becomes noticeably cooler - about 15 degrees.

For gourmets and fans

Which sea to Cyprus without its coastalrestaurants, which prepare the best seafood! Here you can sample specialties meze appetizers and treat yourself to a glass of local wine. Mediterranean gave the name to the whole direction of the cooking and the concept of "Mediterranean Cuisine" has long been international. The basis of its products grown up on the beach under the generous southern sun. Chief among them - the olive oil, fish and seafood, spicy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, fragrant cheeses and meat special preparation.
It is the Mediterranean Sea has a significant impact on the climate of Cyprus, making the island an excellent ripening grapes from which high quality wines are produced.

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