Youth hotels in Cyprus. Best hotels for youth recreation in Cyprus

Youth hotels Cyprus

Youth hotels Cyprus

Wonderful island in the Mediterranean oftenIt becomes a recreation of youth, preferring to alternate daytime beach relaxation with an active night club life. To do this, the island has it all - clear sea, white sand, known in Europe discos and youth hotels in Cyprus, where like-minded people prefer to stay - active, tireless and cheerful.

Choose direction

At any Cyprus resort can meet young travelers who do not need only the beaches and restaurants:

  • Limassol has everything for an unforgettable holiday onwhich is so nice to remember later in the circle of friends and associates. Youth of Cyprus hotels in this resort town - it's almost all 3 * hotels on the beach. Rooms in them the most democratic in the price, they are located on the first line, and the service in such hotels, while not perfect, but quite satisfied people who come only to sleep or relax after a night in the disco room. The resort opened dozens of entertainment, which are easily accessible by taxi or bus, and many young people of Cyprus hotels offer shuttle service to the most popular nightclubs of the city.
  • Ayia Napa - without doubt the ideal place forrest of those who had not yet turned thirty. The resort nightlife is in full swing so bright that the city is called the second Ibiza. The best DJs in Europe and the world are working in local clubs and discos do have the most modern musical equipment. Youth Cyprus Hotels near Ayia Napa - it's the same "treshki", often located just above a disco or club. Spend the night in which a man, far from the club parties, is problematic, but the dancing fans choose these hotels very willing. As a rule, they are located close to the beaches, accommodation prices are very pleasant, and the service, although not too high level of the hotel is quite decent.

A little secret for a large company

Going on vacation to the island of Aphrodite largenow, it is worth consider the option of renting an apartment or villa. Typically, these accommodations are much more economical and more convenient than an ordinary hotel. Prices for rent a large apartment or villas range from 100 to 500 euros per night, depending on the housing area and its remoteness from the sea. Dividing this amount by all members of the group, it is possible to save on living expenses.


  • Youth hotels Cyprus
  • Youth hotels Cyprus

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