Prague 2 days: where to go in Prague

Prague 2 days

Prague 2 days

For some travelers, the Czechthe capital - the most beautiful city, not only of the Old World, but also in both hemispheres. Its old streets, temples and bridges hobbled Vltava - real masterpieces, which you can wander through the infinite. If circumstances do not allow you to take such a long vacation, see Prague for 2 days - is also a very real problem.

revive old

Start your acquaintance with Prague the best of itthe historical heart - the Old Town, architectural dominant of which is the Town Hall. The building is located on the famous Old Town Square, which is still 900 years ago was famous for its huge market. The area stretches at a crossroads and its daily journey hundreds of shopping carts with lyudom.
Hall grew on Old Town Square in the XIVcentury and a century later appeared on her tower chimes. Its dial contains the image of the Sun and the Earth, the signs of the zodiac, the clock capable of displaying not only the current time, but the day and the month, Sunset, and its appearance on the horizon. Every hour chimes satisfied with the present performance and show onlookers scenes of medieval life.
No less great on the old square buildingTýnská Basilica. The temple is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and built in the XIV century Romanesque church ruins. One of the towers of the cathedral significantly wider than the other, which is the consequence of an error of medieval builders.

In a country Dwarfs

That is how the traveler feels,It is in Prague for 2 days and hitting the Zlata street. Dwarf houses built on it in the ramparts that protected the city once, and, despite its puppet sizes that were entirely residential. There once worked chasers, and the street was called Jewelry. Then, the area has become a haven of poor artisans, who were unable to afford spacious accommodation.
According to an old legend, Prague, on Zlatastreet once lived alchemists who sought to find the recipe for gold. True or not - now no one with certainty can not say, but the fact that in one of the houses at the beginning of the twentieth century worked Franz Kafka - a fact well-known and reliable. After 18 hours, the entrance to the Zlata street becomes free, but by this time her famous souvenir shops do not work.

Here, even the house dancing

As part of the tour of Prague for 2 days awaycertainly wish to be photographed against the background of "Dancing House", built in the late twentieth century in honor of a pair of famous dancers. "Fred and Ginger" is jokingly called the unusual structure of the people of Prague - the location of a cozy rooftop restaurant, where you can taste the masterpieces of Czech cuisine.

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  • Prague 2 days

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